Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here I am!!

Quickly, quickly, I need to make a post before November ends.

Now I have some good news. The other Sunday I dropped by DWB chat (thanks to Snowball for giving me the link which Misery lost in her computer messing abouts) and I found a beautiful new girlfriend. Sigh. I mean, Skye. Her name is Skye not Sigh and she is a gorgeous husky over at Moondance Huskies.

I know, I know. I have far too many girlfriends but she was so irresistible and before I knew it the words were barked out of my mouth, and she agreed.

Oh, and barking of girlfriends which I haven't done for some time. Well, that is obvious as I haven't barked for some time....... I was also chatting to Sophie La Flirtador in DWB Chat too.

She doesn't change of course. Still has a string of boyfriends drooling over her - and why not? She is nearly as nice as toast, or pizza. And she reminded me about my film project. I have all on to keep up with my blog, let alone my film project, but there is always the new year. Thank you for keeping me in line Sophs.

Oh and speaking of holidays. I have not signed up for the card exchange because the last year I did, I was soooooooooooo embarrassed to receive a zillion cards and couldn't send any because Misery's printer stopped working. :(

But we may try and send some to those of you who sent some to me, and to those of my adorable girlfriends whose address I have - and any other good friends too. If you want a card, please let me have your address, Facebook or DWB forum is probably the easiest and most private way. I'm not guaranteeing anything though because Misery is so unreliable.

Oh, and I am around on FB even though Misery seems to have abandoned my blog. So pups can always catch me on there. I have also discovered it is a cool way to make new pup friends.

And although I haven't posted for a while, I am sorry to end on a sad note. Rocky's mum Claudette went for a lung biopsy and did not get good news. Misery, Master and I are all thinking of you Claudette and sending you lots of support.

Although we haven't known them long, lots of you follow the Painter Pack, and I am so sorry that handsome shepherd cross Doodle has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Thinking of you, Sherri, and your pack.

Because I haven't been around for a while, I also missed the departure of Snickers - who with Butchy was one of my earliest visitors, and Hana - who with her beautiful smiley face and lively attitude was always such a bundle of energy.

Wait, wait. I have found something nice to say. Phew!! The absolutely gorgeous Nala won DWB's photo of the month. She always has lots of lovely photos, and she is such a beautiful dog so that is well deserved. Good one Nala.

I hope December brings some good news and good cheer to the DWB community. And possibly even some cards from me!!

Nearly forgot. Some nuisance seems to want to sell prescriptions for something beginning with v..... - so I have had to put on comment moderation. Sorry about that.

Just relaxin'

Ah, a comfy chair rail for my head to rest on :)

Stretching out on MY sofa in case Misery decides she thinks she can invade my space

That pesky marmalade cat Harvey, stalking me again. Snarl

Where has my head gone? :(

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just another new enterprise

Poor me. Pippa of the abandoned Pippadogblog.

But here I am at last - making what is beginning to be my once a month appearance.

However, I think you should all know that in my absence I have taken up a new career.

Yes. Pippa the Painter and Decorator. After the success of supervising the repainting of my finca terrace, I decided it was time to organise a repaint of my Gibkennelflat.

My nice clean finca

I made sure Master got out all his nice dust sheets for me to lie on and supervise. Shazam! It was done in two shakes of a Pippadog's tail. It was hard work mind, keeping a sleepy eye on Master to make sure he didn't slack.

Working hard

Laughing - they are so useless

Getting rather tired with my hard work - notice all those buckets and tins I have to keep an eye on too?

I think we all need a rest. I need a rest anyway.

Barking my orders

My clean curtains

In charge

A little smile

Just me

And my other adventure of note was a rather neat little escape the other day. Our neighbour had come across to ask for some help with his water heater (Pippa the Plumber coming up next perhaps) and so I wandered onto the landing when he called me to say hello.

Naturally after the cursory greetings I bounded down the stairs to see if the front door was open and then I could chase some cats. But it wasn't. So my neighbour found me sitting by the door waiting for someone to open it and I had to go back upstairs to my kennelflat. It seems I may not be allowed to socialise with my neighbours on the landing again.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy, busy, busy and National Day

I have been sooooo busy, what with printing my business cards, decorating my GibKennelFlat and - National Day. Anyway, more of the other stuff later, here are my National Day photos.

Oh for any pup who doesn't know, Gibraltar celebrates National Day on 10 September and we all dress up in red and white, which are our national colours.

Normally I don't dress up. At all. But I don't like to be upstaged and it seemed that rather a lot of pups were getting into the swing of it all. So not wanting to be left out, I donned a rather macho vest of master's.

I think I will have something more discrete next time though. Perhaps a red harness, or a small red and white scarf tucked into my harness. Wearing vests indeed.

Ah yes, discreet, this is what I like. Subtlety. Nothing over the top. Tasteful too.

A flower - of course, any excuse to put flowers on my blog. Even if it is red.

A car seems to have found its way in here too, just because it is the right colour is no excuse.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Yes, that's right. Idle Mistress. She has now decided that posting rather nice photos of me is much easier than writing up my busy activities aka sleeping. Chasing cats. Or at least dreaming of chasing cats.

First off, it is not true that my delicate soft skull made this rather large dent in a very strong paint tin. Despite what some people have been saying.

Off out with master.

Favourite folded paws. Or Tuck as Sophie says.

At my favourite gate.

I wonder if anyone has ever thought of cleaning my window in my Land Rover?

Just enjoying the ride..



What was that? Did I miss something?

Oh, and I am now on Facebook IN MY OWN RIGHT. With my very own farm too, sadly bereft of cats. I am searchable but if you are on too as a dog just leave me a message on here and we can catch up somehow:) Well, possibly, given all Misery's flaws and inabilities.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random PippaPix

Well I can report that there was no trace of that Feral Cat at my finca so perhaps it has really gone.

Misery now has her Hal Apple back so perhaps that might mean she might update my blog more and visit my friends. I am surprised I have any left.

Anyway, here is a random selection of Pippapix.

First ones are at my finca, and the second lot are from Gib.

Here I am in my patio, looking at silly Misery with her camera toy.

But here, in this direction, there is toast, which is much more interesting.

Glare. I am more interested in toast than silly photos.

Happy and toasted.

That's enough now. Bored.

I'm not sure I like this photo. Misery seems to think I look funny with my eye all scrunched up. None of her business if I am comfortable lying like this.

Looking thoughtful and pensive in this rather ethereal light.

Checking out the leaves (not sure what for).

Best paw forward - home for food.

Just chillin' in front of the fan.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ferals and fans

I decided to make a stand. I informed Misery that I was not going back to my finca until she got rid of that Pesky Feral Cat and its Pesky Feral Kitty.

So off she went, and I can report it was a successful mission. Well, it was successful inasmuch as Misery said there was no longer any trace of the Pesky Feral Family. Of course she would have made so much noise clomping around that the Peskies probably just ran away when they heard her.

The next time I go back I will have a good sniff around and a proper investigation will be carried out by Detective Pippa.

In the meantime I am chilling out in front of my fan on the floor, or lying underneath my ceiling fan. What else is a dog to do in hot weather?

All stretched out

A good position for ignoring Misery

Someone, is getting up my nose

Time for a stretch....

.....And outta here

Monday, July 13, 2009

Picnic .... and guests!!

We all went for a picnic. Master and Misery Mistress do class picnics.

Master parked over by the grass for me to have a short walk, and near a rubbish bin. He parked as far away as possible from the shop so that Idle Misery could get a bit of exercise.

She bought two tortilla and pimiento sandwiches, cokes, a beer for her, and we had packed our own crisps/chips/patatas fritas.

Master got his dust sheet out and put it carefully on the floor so they could lean against the rear wheel.

Misery kept waving our sandwich around. I kept lungeing for it. Nearer and nearer I got, every time she looked away.

And then - Yes!! I had it in my mouth. I was just about to chomp my PippaJaws down on it when it snuck back out. It wasn't the sandwich at all, it was silly Misery's finger and she didn't want to lose it. She didn't want to lose the sandwich either. A bit of a failure there on my part I must say.

Still, I had plenty of yummy chips, and Misery did feed me the ends of her sandwiches.

It was very peaceful and tranquilo. We all thought Misery was never going to get off the dust sheet. She gazed around at the mountains and dreamed of camping.

And then remembered how much it costs a night at camp sites whereas it is free at my finca, so we jumped back in my Landy and headed off up to my finca.

At my finca Master discovered uninvited guests. Apart from the four dead cockroaches in the bathroom that Misery screamed at.

When he was working in MY corral, he sensed a movement. Then he looked down and what did he find?

A C-A-T. A pesky cat. In MY corral. And not only a cat, curled up carefully on one of Master's boxes with a few rags, but her kitten too. She is a feral cat so there was only one kitten, hiding underneath her (on the left). Master and Misery tiptoed around them, and Mistress took some poor pictures without a flash so she didn't disturb them.

When I lived in my corral not a single cat would dare come in there, and any rats that got near were quickly dispatched with a smack of the PippaPaw and a slight shake. Was I allowed in to get rid of uninvited guests? No.

Behind bars.

Really. I swear the world is going to the cats.