Thursday, February 05, 2009


I will refrain from mentioning mistress's lack of success at sorting anything computer related.

About the only thing I have noticed her do recently is mop the floors - and write stuff on her blogs.

We received a Holiday card the other day. I was pleased about that, I have not lost hope that one day - preferably before next Holidays - she will actually print some cards for me.

Anyway, just so pups don't forget who I am, I thought I would mention some fine cat stories. Well, cat stories anyway.

Mistress went down the town the other day and came back smelling of C.A.T.

Apparently there is a rather sleek and gorgeous black one who hangs around the court buildings in Main Street. Master seems to think he is feral but he certainly looks well-fed to Misery Mistress.

She stood there for ages talking to him - get this - and making silly cat noises so that he came and purred to her, and rubbed himself against her. Just as well she was ill-prepared and didn't have the camera. Next she would be wanting to put it on my blog.

Really mistress, you need to get a life. Without cats. The only one to communicate with cats around here is ME.

So last week, we all skipped out for our evening walk. On our way we met our neighbour across the road, who feeds lots of feral cats and adopts them too.

Other people stopped to say hello to me, as I like to be sociable and make new friends. One woman went off in one direction and then came back again to say a double hello. Hehe, what a charmer I am.

Then mistress decided to go to a boring lecture with one of the people we met. Yawn. Master and I went back to our flat for a snoozelet.

Our best trip though happened when Misery actually took the camera for once. I avoided the camera. (As usual).



Misery took a picture of a ship. (As usual). Apparently it is a destroyer. I wonder if it destroys cats?

The cat destroyer (I think).

Then we went home and there was a C.A.T. under the car just outside our block. I tried to get it, but master was not having a bar of it.

Anyway, we went out later again when it was dark, and took a different route.

And there, just outside Trafalgar Cemetery was another of the little terrors. I tried to dig my claws into the pavement and pull master towards it, but no, another unsuccessful cathunt. Still at least Misery was too slow to take a photo.

Always important to check for cats everywhere.

There are cats somewhere, I know. I just need to be let off the lead to get them all.