Sunday, April 01, 2007

My story (2)

Remember in My story (1) I had spotted a nice pack? - two dogs and two people - and wondered if they might want a large puppy.

I didn't see them again, but a few days later, I had gone round the village looking for more food, and in the end I had just flopped down in a quiet spot away from everyone. I was sick of people shouting at me, or dogs wanting a fight for the decent food, or horrid children throwing things or teasing me.

The man came up to me. He had some biscuits too. He spoke very nicely to me, so I followed him. Right home into their safe and sheltered patio.

Apparently they'd had A Conversation.

"Well, if I see that dog again, I'll have to take him in. He's been on the streets too long and he's lucky to have lasted this long," said the man.

"No-one else has taken him, he obviously isn't lost, and I don't want to see him run over on the side of the road," he added.

"It's up to you, darling," said the woman, or whatever they say when they know they are getting their own way.

Then later she told him she'd seen me trudging down the street into the village, and said he should look for me.

"You know where he goes, just go and find him," she said. And he did.

So once I was in their small patio - I think they could do with a bigger one actually - my new mistress brought me some food and some fresh water.

Over the weeks mistress was very kind and nursed all my wounds. She is normally very squeamish and wouldn't dream of doing it for master.

But she bathed my ear regularly with warm water and gentle antiseptic, and washed off all the nasty bits. She did the same for all my scabs and sores and wounds.

At one point she began to think that I really did have pink fur round my neck, because it wouldn't clean up, but eventually it started to fall out, and fresh new clean fur grew back.

Even my ear stopped flopping down as it gradually healed over the months.

I got fed regularly every day. I had lots of fresh water, and I was taken out for walks. They bought me a nice blue collar. And a nice blue lead too, which was ace to chew. They don't use it any more.


Dachsies Rule said...

Pipps, you are one lucky dog! It sounds like your life was pretty miserable for a while but you have found doggie heaven on Earth. We don't think you are going to have another problem in your lifetime ... which is how it should be for all dogs! We love the pictures. You are very photogenic.
Who were the two dogs with your master and mistress the first time you saw them?

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hi Roxie, Sammy and Andy
Hey I'm feeling all embarrassed - but thanks for saying you like the photos.
The other dogs were Paddy and Prince (both rescued).
I will write a bit about them later. We're all off for an afternoon snooze now. zzzzzzzz

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Pippa,
What a happy ending to your story. You are very lucky to have found some hoomans that love you. Now you will have a wonderful life with Master & Mistress.
We get those icky ticks too. But not too often. We have woods all around us, so there are lots of ticks sometimes. We can't wait to see more pictures of you & your area that you live. Have a great night!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Bella said...

Pippa - maatey you are one special dog who through the mysteries of te universe found your special people - wishing you much peace & happiness for you r lie & especially the easter holidys - More time with your hoomans
Paw Power & Wuffs

Cleopatra said...

Hi Pippa!

We think your master and mistress were the lucky ones to have found you.. ;o) We're sure they are very happy to have you with them too.

We know our Mommy loves us to bits, and we secretly think she loves us more than Daddy!

I must say you are quite a gorgeous doggie!

Cleo & Lucky

WaymanWynn said...

Aaroo! Pipster! That's a great tale, a tail-waggin' tale, Ha! Thank Dog for the hoomins that find us, and the fates that protect us, until they do. I'm almost to the point where I can tell my tale of tail. (Dad sez he's always wanted to put those 3 words in the same sentence) Hoomins are so weird sometimes, huh?
Anywho, I saw the Story 1 and Story 2 and had to say, Hey! to you. Barks, hugs and kisses to all over there... Wayman Wynn ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh my - the Jeanster is now in floods of tears, and cannot access the keyboard because of virtual flooding over the Qwerty.........whatever that may be.

But, your story is powerful, and amazing, and I am just so glad you found the right home with Mistress and Kind Master.

You have a great deal to be thankful for, and so do they, you are a handsome and thoughtful dog.

thank you for sharing your story. I will go and rescue my Jeannie from the SobFest she has been indulging in ................

Marvin from Hollow Hound xxxxxxxxxxxx

Marvin said...

ok we read the first bit last, and obviously we read the last bit first, which is par for the bloody course here.

All I want to bark now is - my J is squeamish too, and would no more bathe sore places on her hoooomans than go jump off a cliff.

But today, I had sore places and they were bleeding where I had scratched so much.

So after blabbing away to some pals on the walk today and gaining much needed info, she brushed me and combed me out.

Then she bathed my sore places (caused by a grass allergy apparently!) with some hot salty water (which tasted yummy! when I licked it off), then she wiped my eyes with boiled water because in her words "they were yukky and all stuck up". Then she forced a bloody tablet down my throat.

She covered it in some rather tasty Bonne Maman French Raspberry Jam, so it slid down my throat no probs.

Apparently the tablet stops itching, and dear lordy lord, has my itching stopped. And my sore places are better.

And my J thinks she is Nurse of The Year. My Pa is so bored by the story he has now fallen asleep.

ok, enough already, Your Pal Marvin xxxxxx