Monday, April 09, 2007

Of rain and baths

It rained today again. It has rained a couple of times recently, but not for long and usually at night.

Mistress made a fine omelette today with broad beans and stuff - but there are no pix to share with my dog pals because she split it when she was turning it over. Hehehe.

"Shall I just use one egg?" she called to master.

"No," he said. "Pippa gets at least half of mine." Of course. And half of hers too if I get a chance.

Then I had a quick run outside and lay down at my gate, but it was a bit damp, so I ran back in and jumped on my sofa to dry off.

Anyway she's been working on my web site. Thanks for the comments pals. Even mistress got sick of prevaricating over the name so she has registered as Pippa. For now. If I have anything to do with it, she won't be changing it either.

In the morning she gets up and reads the comments on my blog over a coffee, and has a look at my friends' dogblogs. Then she might do a little bit of (x)html or css or Java script practice - I'm sure lots of you out there know what she's on about. I am picking it up too as we go along.

But then master and I get fed up so we start to shout and bark for our omelette.

Then after my second breakfast (with a bit for them), she normally goes back to the computer for more work, but she gets bored easily so today she ran a bath and dived in there with an internet magazine.

She knew she could get away with a long soak today because master had gone out on the bicycle hunter-gathering for us all and he was going to be out for an hour or more.

In fact, she was still in the bath when he came back. She must know how to write 20 web-sites by now.

They get in the bath a lot. I don't get in the bath. Ohhh no. I have read on other dogblogs that they get forced to have a bath or a shower, and they don't like it. So I'm NOT going to do it.

One day master and mistress were in there (it's a very big bath), and she called me into the bathroom.

"Come along, Pippa darling," she said. So I walked in, suspiciously, saw A LOT of water in a huge bath, and thought they might want me to jump in too.

I didn't hang around in there as you can imagine.

Now, I'm happy to jump on sofas, and into my Land Rover, and I might consider going on their bed if I ever got chance. But something full of water? Nooooooo, thank you.

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Dachsies Rule said...

Pipps, good idea to use the sofa to dry off before anyone notices you are wet ... or they might force you to take a bath. Too bad your mistress split the omelete turning it and wouldn't take a picture; Mom says those pictures make her mouth water! Lovely flower at the end of your post! Have a great day today!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy