Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Off on the road again....

Hello everydog

Here I am back from my camping adventures - I am now officially Pippathecampingdog. Camping is fine for dogs. I recommend it.

Master and mistress took hours - I am talking HOURS here - to pack my Land Rover. Then they were both so worn out with all their rushing around, they had to sit down for half an hour before we left. They said something about not being able to rush around as much as they got older. Yawn.

Anyway in we all clambered and off we went. Master decided to go on the motorway although he doesn't like them much, but it took sooooo long last time we went travelling using the ordinary roads that he thought it would be more sensible. And he had a bad knee too, so didn't want to keep changing gear. I don't know what that means but I believe him.

I don't really care so long as someone else is driving.

After an hour we all stopped for a nice drink and a peepee. We all shared a bag of crisps and sandwiches too. Yum. Mistress went off to take some piccies for an internet friend.

Boring old castle stuff.

Then we all got back in and set off on our journey down the coast to the nice camp site by the beach. After another hour we arrived. Mistress had been past recently on the bus and said she thought they might be doing some development work there as she had seen a JCB or something.

We pulled up outside and there were signs (in Spanish) in the office window. "We want electricity and water now!" and "We want a load more things too!" There were no tents or caravans and it was definitely shut. Closed. Not open at all. Half demolished. Not available for Pippa, master and mistress.

Master and mistress looked at each other and came up with Plan A - go to a site they went to years ago, but they didn't know if it took dogs, Plan B - go to a site slightly further away that they went to more recently that they knew took dogs, Plan C - go to one that mistress saw from the bus window a week or so ago. They decided on Plan C as it was nearer.

And it was brilliant. We had our own little section and I spent most of the afternoon watching master and mistress putting up the tent. And these two claim they have been camping before? Ha! They were so useless after four or five attempts at putting poles in holes there was a huge pause for mistress to find the instructions and read them out to us all. I was in hoots. So here are some pix of the incompetent tent putting-up, (and me supervising of course), and I'll catch you all later 'cos we are a bit tired. Too much fresh air, Pippa-walking, and putting up tents, hehehehe.

I think I'll lie under this nice bench and see what happens.

Nothing obviously. A load of standing around.

No, the tent is nearly up and he is bashing in the pegs with a hammer. Mistress has stopped playing tents and is now taking pix for my blog. Quite right too.

What a laugh.

More later when we have all recovered. Ruff from Pippathecampingdog.


Tealeaf said...

Welcome back Pippathecampingdog!! About time, we've been missing our regular Pippa updates.
Camping looks like fun - but I suspect we could not survive under canvas with a farting wolfhound. Oh well.



Dachsies Rule said...

Oh, you are so good to lay there and STAY while your master puts up the tent. We would be in the next county by now because we never stay and we run, run, run. We can't wait to hear more about Pippathecampingdog trip.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Bella said...

Camping adventures - sounds great. We doggies have never been camping.
Looks like you had lots of fun though with that big smile on your face by the tent.

Wuffs Bella

Hi from Kobe - I'm still here after a week so it looks like I might be able to stay & it's be great to be mates

Kerrio said...

So come on Pippa, round up those humans of your and let us know what you've been up to this weekend?

Kerri & co...