Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Off on the road part 2

Hola chicos and hello every dog too.

I am such a busy travelling dog I am getting dizzy. Or I would be if I wasn't asleep most of the time. Sorry but I've been on the road AGAIN. And I have such good news too. Anyway a quick update on the camping stuff to finish off the story.

So there I was, at the nice camp site. Tent up, all lying in the sun. Peace and tranquility.

In fact too much peace and tranquility. Not a cat in sight or smell. There were a few dogs behind a gate belonging to some staff but even they stopped barking at me.

What is a dog to do when there is nothing to do, apart from have a snooze?

Mistress took me for a few walks - still no cats. No badly-behaved loose dogs running around to come and harass me. Nothing. Some good smells though - well, hey they were different.

I had a look in the tent when mistress was making the beds. She never makes the bed at home but apparently they swap chores when they go camping and master cooks. All men have to be seen in charge of technical duties like cooking with camping stoves. Anyway the tent looked pretty dull inside so I figured I would be more comfy sleeping in my Landy.

When it got dark they went off to a bar for something to eat. So much for master being in charge of the technical side.

Master came back very excited but annoyed that mistress had not taken the camera with her. Mistress apparently hadn't thought a plate of chips and salad would look very exciting on my blog. I think she was right.

But master had spotted some more Land Rovers, and one of them even had SAND LADDERS. Don't get me wrong, I like my Landy. It's great for transporting me around in. Basically it's a sofa on wheels isn't it?

He didn't need to panic about whether he would be able to get any photos of them because when they came back from their supper, they were both parked near us. So we were a little family of Landies. But they had no cats or dogs. Pooh. They were dull - in my opinion. Sand ladders or not.

Master and mistress crawled into their tent and I watched them from the comfort of my Landy. Master left the tent door open so I could see where they were. He must think I'm stupid. I knew exactly where they had gone.

Then after a few hours when it was dark and we were all asleep, mistress came shooting out of the tent. It's a good thing it was dark mind, as all she had on was a vest and a pair of knickers. And she was jumping around like an idiot.

"Ouch, ouch. Ooooh. What shall I do?"

"Have some consideration for everyone else and shut up," said master grumpily.

So she ran up and down on the spot for about ten minutes. I pressed my nose against the window to watch and then got bored and lay down.

It turns out she had something called cramp in both feet and up and down her ankles. Must have been all the hard work putting up the tent.

Fortunately she didn't wake the rest of us again, and we had a peaceful night apart from when I had to bark at some feral cat that was raiding a rubbish bin.

And then we packed up, and off we went. But the best bit comes next. Mistress says this is too long a post so I can't say until the next one. Pooh.


Dachsies Rule said...

What? What? We have to wait even longer for the best part ... but the image of mistress jumping around in her knickers is funny. We can't believe you went back to sleep while she was still walking about.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Kerrio said...

Pippa you are very lucky to be out travelling around with your people. Our poor dogs have to suffer with sofa-surfing.

Kerri & co.