Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My neighbours

Here is Perro Blanco. He is one of my neighbours. He is in charge of the horse stables across the road. We are not friends.

When I first adopted master and mistress I was frightened of him because he always barked at me through the fence.

He still barks at me but I am bigger now, and more confident, so sometimes I bark back. And I always have master or mistress to protect me.

If I am feeling mischievous I lift my leg and have a little pee pee through the fence on his head. Perro Blanco always looks so puzzled and has to shake himself. Master nearly falls over laughing.

I don't know if he has a name, but lots of dogs round here don't have a name, they get called by their colour, so he is white dog. Or El Malo, the bad one. Although master and mistress say he is a good guard dog for the finca, because most people and everydog (except me of course) are frightened of him. By the way my ear used to flop like his before mistress made it better.

Our human neighbours next door have a little dog called Lassie. She is not very friendly to any dog or any people either. When I found master and mistress the man next door said I wasn't worth anything because I was a street dog. I was very upset.

Master stood up for me and said what a fine dog I was, and walked off with his nose in the air. Now the man next door says I am a big tough dog, a rascal, and he ruffles my fur. But we haven't forgotten what he said before.

Because we live on the corner we have neighbours just over the side road. Luna (a Belgian Shepherd) and Engordo (I think he is really called Loulou not Fatty), a small dog. I am friends with them, but mistress as usual has not taken pix of them yet. They live with Carlo and his cats and his chickens. His cats change but they are always large and furry. I don't mind them too much as they don't play The Runaway Game. They don't invade my space and I leave them alone too.

Behind Carlo lives Tia Negra. Master and mistress call her that because when they arrived her hair was black and she is Carlo's auntie. (Hence auntie black hair). She is really called Maria, but everyone round here is called Maria. When I was on the streets she used to feed me, and not just stale bread either. She is nice.

Down the street there is a very large plot of land, well, large for round here. The owner has a huge tractor and some little dogs. They play The Runaway Game and I want to chase them. Here is one of them running away, heheheh.


Kerrio said...

Hello Pippa! I just found your blog, and I've trying to read the back blog but the links don't seem to work.... is it just me? I want to read "Your Story".

Kerri & co.

Cleopatra said...

Hi Pippa,

Thanks for stopping by Cleo's blog. I try to create as much awareness as I can on animal welfare and animal rights. It's something that I feel I must do though I don't think I am doing enough...

Cleo was adopted and Lucky is a rescued pup. And they're both amazing!

Will be putting a link to your blog soon... it'll be great if you can link to Cleo to help spread awareness on animal issues.


The links don't work properly, but if you click on the March link and then scroll down you'll be able to read Pippa's story.


Katherine and Pippa said...

Hi both - thanks for visiting.
Kerri - I think I've fixed the link - I hope so. I've spent most of the morning fiddling with it....!
Natasha - I've added the Cleo link, and will visit your blog again to spend more time reading it.
Thanks. Kate - and Pipps, who lets me do the techy stuff......sometimes it even works.

Dachsies Rule said...

Some interesting neighbors you have! We don't get to meet our street neighbors because ... well, because Mom is only supposes to have two dogs and she doesn't want flaunt that she is breaking the rules. In her favor, she didn't know that rule existed when she got Andy.

Roxie, Sammy and Andy (the rule breaker)