Thursday, April 17, 2008

A good time

Master and I had such a good time the other day.

Misery had gone back to the finca to pay bills and things like that so master took the day off work to be with me. (Mistress also discovered on her trip that we have baby chickens, but as this is not a chicken blog - the pictures are on hers clicky here.)

Anyway, master went downstairs with the rubbish. When they take the rubbish out I know they will come back soon, but he didn't come back straightaway.

So although he had taken the rubbish down, it was from the night before and I found some new rubbish in the bin. As mistress had been so pleased with her present trail, I thought I would make one for master.

As luck would have it, my dog biscuit sack had gone in there, so I carefully pulled it out, and then happily sat chewing it into tiny pieces to make the trail. Normally I am not too fond of paper, but when it has been wrapping up tasty things then it is ok. Butter wrappers are exceptionally yummy.

When I had finished, I jumped on my sofa to admire my work. And I was still thinking what a clever Pippa I was when master walked in.

"Hello Pippa. Oh good dog," he said, exactly like mistress had done when I left her the trail. Then he came over and patted and stroked me and told me how wonderful I was. This present trail is clearly the way to go.

Then just like mistress again, he picked up all the bits and put them back in the bin, and said how silly he was for not tying it up or moving it out of my way.

Later on I decided we should go for a walk and visit some of my friends. First we went to the marina to look at the boats. Master had a beer and the woman who runs the bar came out to stroke me and love me. I smiled nicely at her but to be honest I had my mind on more important projects - while I looked at the boats I considered plans for PippaLoveBoat (working title). I will post more on that next time but thank you all for your submissions so far.

Then we went to another pub but that was not very exciting. Master and I sat outside in the sun and I looked for the resident cat(s) but I couldn't find them. I was disappointed about this so yesterday when master came in, I thought we should go back to the pub and look for them again. After all, master is working inside at the moment so he needs to spend some time outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

Just as Misery walked past on her way to the shops (and not expecting to see us there), I spotted the cat. I tried to pull master and the table over but he was having none of it. I ignored Misery - after all, I can see her any time but when cats appear I have to make the most of them.

When Misery came back from the shops we were still there. Master had found some nice people to talk to who had a German Shepherd (not with them) so they were interested in ME. They said I looked quite similar to their dog - who was also an ace cat hunter.

Just as we set off, I noticed the cat AGAIN. Perhaps it was just co-incidence it appeared every time mistress appeared. Then she got in my way and we both nearly tumbled over when our legs got tangled up together. Silly mistress trying to prevent my cat hunt antics.

I'm off to dream about my cat-hunting paradise.


BenTheRotti said...

I can't think why.. but when I leave a nice little trail from the bin no-one ever says good dog.. Mum gives me *the look* and Dad says.. oooh Mum will get you for that!!
The little beans just shout.. Mum.. he did it again!!
I must have my technique all wrong, I must keep practicing!
Ooh the time with your Dad does sound like fun, I wish my Misery .. I mean Mum would disappear for the day so Dad could take the day off to spend with me, then maybe I could go to the pub and look for cats! It's still too cold here to sit outside though so i guess that wouldn't work.
Hope you had happy cat hunting dreams, I look forward to hearing all about the plans for PippaLoveBoat..

happy tail wags,

Ben xxxx

scierzan said...

Pippa, do you like baby chickens as house-mates, or do you think of them as you think of cats?


p.s. It's nice of you to get Master out in the fresh air...

The Army of Four said...

Oh, sigh. You look SO dreamy, Pippa!
I haven't seen any cats lately, but I did see OSWALD the other day. Hrumph. Oswald.

One of the pack said...


What wonderful adventures you had around town. Isn't awesome you are already accumulating adoring fans and you haven't made your first film? You are sure to be a grand success. Great job tangling the female. Mom is always getting between us and fun over here! What's up with that?

You are looking mighty peaceful and cuddly.

Night night.

Forget Sit and Stay Gang

Lorenza said...

Hola Pippa!
Parece que pasaste un buen tiempo con tu Master.
Que triste que no pudiste perseguir esos gatos! Yo se que te hubiera encantado!

Bella said...

Pippa - excellent work on the trail presents - I think you should keep giving them & mixing the paper in with other aromatic treats from the bin :-)

Kapp pack said...

Glad to hear you have your Master so well trained!

Woo woo, KA

Randi said...

Oh Pippa! I am so enthralled with the first pic of you...I am so very mesmerized by your handsomeness & "come-hither" look in your eyes....oh, be still my beating heart....

I did sneak a peak at those baby chickens...maybe you'd like to see if Wally would like to have one as a Spanish tapa chicken-back appitizer...

I can't wait to hear more about PippaLoveBoat...I better get some more PR going....

Love & Licks,

Marvin said...

oh sweet Cat dreams Pippa!

I dream about cats sometimes, and J says I make funny whimpering noises in my sleep.

I am sure she telling porky pies, because I am certain I have never "whimpered" in my life......

Mucho licks, your friend, Marvin xxxxx

Marvin said...

oh I am sorry to have mentioned "porky pies" on your blog, I forget about the Vegetarianism sometimes


Jackson said...

Hey Pips, the Js are both such spoilsports that they hide our bin bags in the shed to stop me from helpfully sorting through them. I like to divide the rubbish into handy piles, such as eatables, chewables, ripables, ignorables etc. Do you have such a system? J x

Ferndoggle said...

How kind of you to leave a nice trail for Master. You're just a thoughtful kinda guy, I suppose. I love all of these handsome pictures of you.

I would love to go on a cat chasing adventure with you sometime. Then we can dine on what we catch!


Sophie Brador said...

Pippa, darling, well of course we are doing a romantic comedy. I just have my paws in a lot of pies these days. But I am up for that movie any day!

Kathryn and Ari said...

Poor Mistress--she missed out on all the fun! I hope she gets to join you next time.

Peanut said...

Misery needs to stay out of your way. She is always causing problems that woman.

Lacy said...

woofies and burfs pippa, loveded all ur picturs, u look handsome as ever...sooo nice of u to help the master with "the trail" all i ever gets is "noooo rocky".. u does like ur cats dont u...

b safe,

Charlie said...

You have your master very well trained, Pippa! If I helped myself to the garbage I would never hear the end of it. Never!
- Charlie

Lola Smiles said...

i love seeing those sleepy pics of you. muah! x0x

lola smiles

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Hi Pippa! We love playing with the trash, too! And we love the PippaLove Boat idea.

Asta said...

I can appweciate papew that has had yummies wapped in it's so nie of you to leave a twil fow youw awe a vewy considewate boy!!
Ihope youw dweams of hunting go well
smoochie kisses

Jackson, Narra, & Tuchuck said...

Ha ha! When Boone had the chance, he didn't just leave a trail, he left a whole carpet for the human! :) Your master and mistress seem to be of a much better humor than our human--he didn't thank Boone or anything. Bah humbug!

Go get them cats, Pippa!!


Marvin said...

oh Just Checking in to see if you have had any more adventures with the bin trail.

love and licks, Marv xxxxx

Gledwood said...

What a very aristocratic long-nosed Spanish-looking doggie you are!

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Pippaloveboat, what an excellent idea! It is good that you get Master out for that good fresh air. Shiloh almost caught a cat the other day. It came right into out yard so it was free game. but it got away just in time, our mom says anyway.

Love, your Guinness