Saturday, August 11, 2007

A day in the life of a Gibdog

Here is my new den. No, of course I don't spend all day in my den, well, not quite all.

But I am proud of myself because I finally managed to work out how to lie just between the wall, the two feet and the bar down the middle. I am very safe hiding in there.

When I'm not there, I'm somewhere on the floor. Or the sofa, but it's a bit hot for sofas and floors are cooler.

And inbetween that we go for walks. We don't have a terrace or a balcony (although there is a roof terrace five floors up) so master and mistress like to get out and walk lots. Mistress likes to take us on her silly history tours.

We even sat outside the pub one night. We don't get to do it very often because Meany Mistress doesn't like spending money.

The man at the pub has lots of dogs. They are Yorkshire terriers. Mistress is from Yorkshire too and can be a terror, but she doesn't look like this.

I didn't get to see them because the man doesn't bring them down until late when we are all tucked up on the floor and snoring away. Meany Mistress hasn't bought a bed yet.

But she is buying me a bling laptop for my Gibflat so I can keep in touch with you all when we are down there. Well, when she pays for the internet we can.

So if you don't hear from me you know why.

Almost forgot. We are writing for the DWB News. I volunteered mistress for it. Hehe. If you haven't seen it, have a look, and if you have any news items there is a contact email address over there where you can send info to me. And I will pass it on to mistress of course.


Tasha & Eva said...

You are so lucky that you get to travel and get to live somewhere interesting. We've never been out of our state. sniff..sniff


Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Hello handsome. Misty also likes to go under the desk in the den while dad is typing on his computer. You both have so much in common. What a shame a whole ocean is in the way!

fee said...

pippa, i hope you'll get your internet connection quickly!


Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

Such a pretty place to take walks and travel. Good job on signing mistress up for reporting duty--she can 'hang' with Ruby Bleu's mom--she's fun, and ALWAYS has treats!


Momo :) said...

Pippa, I envy you! You live in a bootiful place. How nice is that! :)
I often take a rest under my dad's desk in our den while he is working on his computer.
My mom is going to add your blog to my friends list. Hope you don't mine!

Momo xoxo

Rockford said...

What a cool and exciting life you lead! Trips, passports, walks, and quadruped friends all over! We are jealous! DAD! Lets go somewhere!


Randi said...

Hi Pippa! are a lucky dog to live in such a cultural region of the world...San Diego is nice & all...but I'd love to find me some snow right about now!
I'm going to link you on my blog cuz I love knowing what you are doing everyday!
Love & Licks,

Ferndoggle said...

You are a traveling man, Pippa!! And very smart...the tile floors are much cooler than the bed.

You're very smart!


Dog lover said...

Hi PippaDoggy,

Thank you for showing us your typical(?) day! It was nice to see, especially with all the photos. I like the photo where you are squeezed between the wall and the table legs! Cute!

Looking forward to hearing more about the GibFlat!


Dog lover ;D

Frasypoo said...

Hi Pippa,
Its funy how small you make youself in your favorite spot!!Floors are so cool...esp the stone ones.

Tofu Burger said...

I'll miss you Pippa when you are away but it seems like your mistress has gots loads for you to do ;P


Natasha Fernz said...

Hi Pippa,

Think it's really great that you get to go everywhere with your master and mistress...

Wish we could take Cleo everywhere with us too, but it's quite difficult cause she gets carsick... sigh. even after all these years...


Bella said...

Hi Pippa,
You get to walk around in some really nice areas & how lucky to get to sit outside the pub.
Did you bark at anyone?

wally said...

Oh that looks lovely though I think you deserve a daily trip to the pub. I love to find stealthy hiding places like under end tables or under the laundry bins. Good for hiding.


ps. Ethel has news for you--YOU'RE HOT!

ChaChi Lu said...

How exciting! I think you are absolutely darling! Chihuahua licks and kisses!

~ChaChi lu Pink Champagne

Max Dex said...

Wow, your own laptop!!
The miss just bought a new laptop. DOubt she will get me one.

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Well done on DWB news Katherine.

Katy x

The Husky in the Window said...

Helloe Pippa. Are you keeping cool? How is traveling? Do you like it? We are supposed to go up north to see my grandparents in October, so this wil be my first trip.
We want to see some more pictures of you being a tourist pup.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

HHHHarry said...

Hi Pippa,
You den looks like a bit of a tight squeeze to get into.
By the way my Nan lives in Yorkshire and she likes Yorkshire Puddi............ I mean terriers.

Freda said...

Hey Pippas,

You must be payin' your miss a lots to help with your barkin', buyin' you a bling bling laptops and now workin' as a pup reporters, let alone her owns itchypaws 1,2 1,2 one.

Will have to pee mail you my news Worthy to barks. Arf! Arf!

My sec. and I just loves your pics of Gibs and where evers you are at the times. Dad know there's lots of historys in Gibs. Would love to take a tours.

Will put the DWB News widget on my place once I can get Dads back in the halters. His art stuffs has gotten kinda more involved than he thoughts it would. Big dummys!

Sniff ya laters.