Friday, August 10, 2007

Here and there

Hello everydog. Here I am - sort of.

I am here in my GibKennelFlat but Meany Mistress hasn't sorted out my internet connection yet so she has been despatched to Spain to update my blog.

We have not been down for a while because master got involved with helping a broken-down truck on the beach, and then our Landy decided to sulk because it obviously felt it wasn't getting enough attention.

Anyway, we finally set off. Look I am a back seat driver now.

Master checks out the front and I check out the back. I have more room here than lying on the seats and master has tidied out the back for me. I can jump up to see what is going past too. Actually I thought there might have been some cats but there weren't.

We had a picnic stop.


We had a very exciting time at the frontier. There were different people on duty and they didn't know me so we had to talk to all of them.

First, mistress showed the three passports to a Spanish police officer. I think he was confused with my passport as it is blue and he wondered where the other person was hiding in the Landy and why they had a funny passport. When he started reading it and realised it was a dog passport he couldn't stop laughing.

The next officer laughed at mistress's picture and then started to talk about me. I looked like a German Shepherd cross, yes we all said - well, they did. Crossed with a husky, he added. Yes, they agreed again. "I used to be a dog," he said and laughed. Master and mistress laughed too. They didn't know what to say.

Then we got to the Gib customs guy. He is in charge of dog entry into Gib, so he decided to look at my passport. In all the times we have been in and out, no-one has ever opened it, so I was very excited. But Misery Mistress has not put my pic in it yet (it's optional) so that was a pain. Then he asked if I had jabs. Of course I have, it said so on the page he was reading.

And then we were off to one of my favourite spots - Europa Point - the southernmost tip of Gib. You can see Africa. Well, normally you can, but there was a bit of a sea fret and the fog horn was sounding.

Finally we arrived at my GibFlat. And - we even got a parking space in the street - which is a very rare occurence. Well, after all the excitement, I just flopped on the floor.


Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Pippa...
You have your own passport! Wow that is so cool. You are such a worldly pup...I really do need to travel more!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Baron Von Woofer said...

Passport? I can barely get my parents to let me into the living room! You are a worldy woofer!

- Mac

Johann The Dog said...

There's a pic of your Landy, love it!!! Yeah, Landies or in my case a Disco.

Looks like a fun trip. At least your border guys were nice! Sometimes ours for Canada and Mexico, aren't so nice. Makes your trip easier, I'm sure!

Keep cool, K?


Frasypoo said...

WOW! Your own passport!The well travelled gentleman of the world!!

Ume said...

i had never seen a doggie passport b4! can u show me how it looks like, Pippa?

Kerrio said...

Pippa I love that pic of you posing at your picnic stop. You are one very handome dog. If you get fed up with the spanish heat you can come and stay with us.

I will smuggle you in, the Dogfather won't notice....

Snogs from the dogs


PS no you don't need to change your link - it will work anyway!

wally said...

Your adventures are more exciting than mine. I need a passport so that I can be an international man of mystery like you.


ps. Nobody NOBODY needs neuticles. Ethel's cool with whatever you've got.

Tasha & Eva said...

Our Pippa is back. All is right with the world.

With a sigh of relief,
Tasha & Eva

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa.
Nice to see you back.
Sounds like you have a great trip. Yes, you need to show us your passport. Glad they were nice with you at the border.
Have a nice day

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Pippa, what a terrific and worldy dog you aare. Of course those silly border guards needed to let you across, so you can help all of your girlfriends. We need to know how to get a doggy passport. Suddenly, Misty & Guinness are asking about credit card miles....

Rockford said...

Wooof! A passport! Good to know those gents have a sense of humor! But then again, what was so funny? Was your passport picture not quite right? And so wise about your Landy and traveling!!

You know, I do have to say, we so much alike! Tall, square, and little slope to the hips unlike the American GSD. And that last picture is my favorite pose. I love to lay down and jam my head up against a wall, chair, cabinet - whatever. Dad just doesn't get it.

You have a great Master and Mistress! What adventures! Hey Dad, can we get a Landy and me a passport...and go visit some great place too?????


Graham & Prince said...

A great travel tale (tail?)!

You're one very adaptable and worldly wise dog...!

Dog lover said...

Hi PippaDoggy!

Please show us your doggy passport! I've never seen one before!


Dog lover

charlotte's blog said...

wow pippa your so lucky you get to travel everywhere all over the world your one pretty girl
lots of barks
xoxo charlotte