Sunday, May 25, 2008



My sweet and lovely Tasha has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

I didn't know whether to post a serious picture of me or a fun one, so I decided on one of each. After all, we did share lots of virtual fun together.

When I go out tonight, I will look for you in the sky.

Miss you Tasha. Lots. And sending lots of love your way, Eva, because you must be so missing her right now.



One of the pack said...


Thanks for letting us know about Tasha. She looks like a marvelous friend!

We'll say a prayer for her family as we watch the stars tonight.

The Forget Sit and Stay Gang

KZK said...

It's just so sad. Her parents gave her such a love-filled life! Tasha's family is in our prayers.

The Army of Four said...

Sorry. That was me, not Mom. Well, it was Mom, too.

Tasha & Eva said...

Yes, I do miss my sister but I'm getting extra treats and attention. I got extra scrambled eggs this morning because Momma forgot to only make 1 egg. But I am worried about who will protect me from all the other mean dogs.
Please let Mistress know that Momma responded to her email. So let us know if it was blocked again.


Tasha & Eva said...

Resent to all. For some reason Momma has problems with telefonica addresses.


Lorenza said...

Hola Pippa!
Yo tambien estoy muy triste por Tasha y su familia.
Estaremos rezando por todos ellos.

Randi said...

Hi Dear Darling Pippa...Tasha was a very beautiful girl & I know you miss her terribly...I am sending so much pawsitive energy to Eva & her peoples too...You are right...the stars will shine brighter tonight because Tasha is among them.

Love & Licks,

JB's Big World said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend, Tasha. Maybe Tasha will meet my sister, Taffy now.

Jackson, Narra, & Tuchuck said...

We're so sorry to hear about Tasha. We, too, will look to the sky and think of her and everyone who loved her.



Peanut said...

We will miss Tasha. Her and Eva were such good friends.

Kapp pack said...

We miss Tasha already!

Sad woos, Kelsey Ann

Simba said...

Sorry to hear such sad news.

Simba x

Marla said...

Very sad. I am so sorry for your loss.
I have missed you Pippa. I hope you are doing well.

Chef said...

Hi Pippa. So sorry about your friend Tasha. I'm sure she is happy and jumping over clouds with lots of new friends now.

About your last post. Here's a tip: Put your chin on the table, open your eyes wide as saucers and stare. Just keep staring. They'll give in.

Glad you are back, Pip. I've missed you.

xox Chef

Marvin said...

oh poor Tasha. I am really sad to hear this news.

I am sure Tasha is looking down at you Pippa, Tasha the new Star in the Sky.

Sad licks, Marvin xxxxxx