Friday, June 13, 2008

More poppadoms (and other stuff) for Pippa

I have a new idea.

While I am waiting for the movie project to come to fruition, I am going to become a restaurant critic.

Pippa the Restaurant Reviewer. Pippa the food crit. Pippa picks places for poppadoms, pasta, pizza and pie.

We have had a splurge of dining out this week.

Although mistress claims to like cooking, master can not be bothered to wait for the inordinate amount of time it takes for her to dish up the slop nice food, so he has insisted that we all go out to dinner instead.

Do I mind? Of course not. I get a nice walk down to the marina, I sit in the sun, people admire me, sometimes I get tasties from M&M and the morning after, I get delicious extras for my breakfast.

And because some of my friends were asking about poppadoms, I have included a picture of them. Well, what's left of them.

Here are the nice pickles that we put on our poppadums. Then what's left of the pickles goes on our curry and rice.

We decided to try out one of the posh restaurants.

I say we, but for some reason that escapes me, I did not get to go. However when mistress got her main course, there was enough food for four dogs. I kid you not. So they came home with enough food for me for two breakfasts and there was so much vegetable tatin that mistress managed to make another meal for them in the evening out of it. It made what seemed like an expensive meal very good value.

Then they decided they would go to an Italian. I lay on my sofa and glared at master.

"I think we will take Pippa," said master hastily. I smiled again.

So off we all went to the Italian restaurant. This was situated on a nice promenade, up above the old naval dockyards and looking out to sea. This was another fine place and lots of dogs walked past so it was very interesting.

The Greedy Ones had an excellent starter (which they don't usually have) of mozzarella and tomato with some pesto dressing and salad. This was a top idea because when they got their pizza and pasta it meant that they left some for my breakfast. And I had a little bit of pizza at the restaurant. The fine man brought me a bowl of water too without even asking. This restaurant definitely gets the paws up from Pippa.

On a restaurant roll, master suggested we go out again last night. I immediately glared at him.

"Of course we can take Pippa wherever we go so there is no point leaving him," master said.

Mistress added helpfully, "Yes, there are no cats down at the marina, only people and dogs, so Pippa doesn't cause any disturbance."

I wasn't sure I liked the last part of that comment. I don't consider chasing cats to be a disturbance. It is part of my role in life, like eating and sleeping. Silly mistress.

They decided to try a different restaurant again. Another posh-looking one.

We sat by the rails at the marina and master tied my lead to them. The waiter came out and mistress asked which options were vegetarian. There was only a starter, a salad and a main course. So mistress promptly ordered them.

Well, mistress, I think it would have been a good idea to have ordered two of something and not just shared it between you both. It is no good you both smacking your lips and saying how delicious it is, and then finishing it all off.

How am I supposed to embark on my new career as food crit if you eat it all and don't leave any for my breakfast?

Anyway, here is a quick round-up of some comments on my last foodie post.

Firstly thanks to Marv for giving me the title for this one, and to JB for suggesting they should in fact be called Pippadoms. I think that is very good and I will suggest it next time we go to the Indian restaurant.

Randi wanted to know if I had ever eaten donuts. Well, no is the answer to that as there are no sweeties in this household. Apart from me of course. And as to what we eat when Randi and I get to go on our dinner date together, I don't think I will notice what I am eating (so long as there is lots of it).

Jackson, Narra and Tuchuck wanted to know if they would all be allowed at the Indian restaurant. Well, I think so because I don't see any signs limiting the number of dogs.

Ruby only gets to go to Starbucks. I don't think I would be allowed there. It is probably on one of mistress's boycott lists.

And Jazz and Dixie want to know what Poppadoms, I mean Pippadoms, taste like. I haven't really thought about that as I eat them very quickly. But they are crispy and crunchy like TOAST, so therefore they are a Good Thing.

Next up, I really must post about the movie.


Lacy said...

w00f's pippa, me thinks u shood give dat resturant dat gived u water wiffout u having to drool to much, 5 stars....u will make a pawsome foodie critic....

b safe,

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh wow! You get to taste all that fun food. You have the best job of all.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Randi said...

Hello Dear Darling Pippa...

I love the thought of you being a restaurant critic! Its fantastic! You will get to eat at all the great places, pass judgement, maybe chase a kitty & have yummy extras for breakfast...

I still think you need to order your own food...just let M&M hold a menu down to your cute black button nosie & you can pick what you like..its only are you going to make a name for yourself if you keep eating off others plates? for our dinner date...I think we should definately start with toast...with butter & maybe some yummy italian stuff...

Love & Licks,

ps..if you go to my bloggy, you'll see I've been diagnosed with a bad back...I'll have to let you chase the kitties for me....

Tasha & Eva said...

Darling Pippa,
I have been so worried about you. I know that Mistress has been very busy but I think she can find a few minutes to at least post a picture. I've had to resort to looking at your picture on our magic food box.

I've been wanting to ask if Master is ever your assistant. It would be interesting to see how translates our language.


P.S. Cheese...yum... one of my favorite foods.

Tasha & Eva said...

Shhh....I have a secret but I have to tell someone. Since it's no longer Friday the thirteen and hopefully I won't jinx this one. I might be getting a brother. The person in charge of the decision(not Momma or Dad) says that it looks really good. Next is reference checks.

Secret Agent PE

Simba said...

What a lovely spot to stop for something to eat.

Simba xx

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Dear handsome Pippa,

You make an excellent food critic. Mom calls me her critic because I have a very particular pallet. You asked why I don't get to go to the dog park. Mom & dad don't think I behave myself properly. Alas, I am only doing my job protecting them from every other thing going on. I guess I would not get to go to the restaurants with you, sniff......

Sophie Brador said...

Pippa, You know that both of your Montreal loves are swimmers, don't you. Lola, my agent, loves to swim as well. I'm sure both of us would be pleased to have you waiting on shore for us, keeping the cats at bay.

There are no evil marmalade cats on my new street, but there seems to be an over abundance of tabby cats. I am currently not allowed to chase them, but that could all change at any moment.

I would be pleased to have dinner with you in Spain and help you taste test.


One of the pack said...


Sounds like life is good. The restaurant tours sound heavenly. Texas is too snooty about dogs and food. This dual career you've acquired is fascinating. We can't wait to hear more.

Photographing Pippa's Parties is a good job for Mistress.

Woo Woo Woof,


Kapp pack said...

All of that food talk made me hungry!

I'm offering up Canyon for a part as stunt double in your movie. Since he looks more and more like you I think he would be perfect as you stunt double.

Woo woo, KA

Peanut said...

I don't know how you put up with Mistress really. Thinking chasing cats is a disturbance there is something wrong with that woman and how could she not order enough food so there was some for you? You are a saint Pippa a saint to put up with her.

Lorenza said...

Hola Pippa!
Veo que han estado visitando algunos restaurantes ultimamente. Mistress no cocina??
Ahora ya se como son los Pippadoms!
Espero que estes teniendo un bonito fin de semana!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

YUMMI about Summi's it up fur me!

PeeEssWoo: Khross our paws for a certain princess to get a handsome prince to khome share her khastle SOON!!!

Asta said...

I love youw new caweew awe the pawfect one fow this wole..and even when you awe making youw film, you need to eat and wine and dine wif the staws..I love Pippadoms..and that mawina looks like a fabulous place fow tasting the foods of the wowld
smoochie kisses
pee ess..Petey is like a bwuvvew..he is NOT my boyfwiend

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Wow, Pippa! Here in the States we almost never get to be at a restaurant with our dad. We'd love it!

JB's Big World said...

You all sure have been going out to eat a lot. I think you are a great food critic. Do you think they allow cats at the Indian restaurant? Do cats like pippadoms?

Jackson said...

Hey Pips, I think you make an excellent food critic. There seems to be lots of posh restaurants where you live. Does that mean that you're posh too? I always INSIST that the Js share their poppadums, sorry, I mean pippadoms, with me.

Momo & Pinot said...

Pippa!! We love your new career as the food critic. Can you hire us as your assistants??

All pictures look fantastic!! We're thinking about moving to Australia but now we have another destination (in our dream)!!

We're sorry to hear about your friend Harry. We hope he's resting peacefully over the bridge.

Momo & Pinot

Charlie said...

You're an excellent restaurant critic, Pippa! But it's too bad you never get to review any restaurants with cats. Those might prove the most fun.
- Charlie

Helios said...

Ohh.... my M loves indian food, but I've never tasted it before. Food critic is good. I think I'll want to be a toy factory QC inspector!

Jackson, Narra, & Tuchuck said...

As always, you inspire us! Although we are still in Montana, we have found internet--and now you've inspired us to find Indian food where we'll be allowed to sit and enjoy ourselves... More Pippadoms, please!


Tasha & Eva said...

Darling Pippa,
I went to the link and found you. I wanted to leave a comment about how cute I think you are but I didn't see a way to do that.

I am sorry that you felt so alone. I think that you are an bewootiful, unique Pippadog. Tasha was supposedly husky and collie. But to us, she was a bewootiful, unique Tashadog. In Momma's words "Priceless". And Dad says "there will only ever be one Tasha". Momma and Dad still cry everyday but are trying to only remember the happy times. I think they are getting me a brother as a distraction. Something about me getting too sassy.

Now I'm sad again,
Princess Eva

Wuffstuff said...

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Marvin from the UK said...

Pippa - I have been away at the Dog Hotel for ten days, so reading your critique of the local eateries has made me and "she who must never be obeyed", very, very, hungry indeed.

I think your Blog should be retitled
"Pippa's Perfect Life".

I am not barking to SWMBO at the moment, my fur is ruffled at being away for soooooooooo long.

It also takes such a long time to catch up with all da news.

love and hungry licks, Marv xxxxx

wally said...

I think Pippa's Palate Pleasers is a wonderful idea. I have no doubt you will be a wonderful critic.

Is your mistress a vegetarian? My ma ape is quite fond of those poppadum pickles.

Always alliterate.