Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Party, party, party on

It is party time for Pippa.

Well actually it is party time for master and mistress as it was his birthday yesterday and hers today.

This morning I discovered a new treat. Mistress came back from a wander down the high street with a thing called a cross auntie. That's what they call them in Spain anyway, although I think they say it a bit differently here. Kwa-song or something. Anyway it is crescent-shaped, and buttery and crispy. I love it as much as toast and I hope she buys some more.

Last night we went to the Indian restaurant (again!) for master's birthday but as I have reviewed that already I will just post a few pix and write about one of the other restaurants.

Here is a good picture of our pippadoms.

Here are our vegetable rolls. Yum.

Patient Pippa waiting for my scran.

Oooh. Look. The nice man is bringing some food.

Vegetable Jal something or yummy other. And mushroom pillao. And our naan and salad and pickles and all tasties.

Remember my last post when I went off to Jumpers bastion? Well, the same afternoon we went for another walk down to the marina and master and mistress decided they would eat out.

So we ate at the Waterfront restaurant. Here is a clicky linky thingy for anyone who wants to see the yummy menu.

I lay down as usual by the railings and master and mistress discussed what to eat. Last time master got the scrummy Vegetable Wellington, and mistress had the Tarte Tatin, and there was lots of food left to take home for my breakfast. Well this time, they both had the Vegetable Wellington and a salad to share. Master had chips with his and mistress had vegetables as she doesn't want to get any fatter.

And they ate it all. Every single pesky bit. Fortunately as I have tried the veg wellington before I can report that it is good. And my greedy co-reviewers tell me the chips, veg and salad were good too.

In my usual spot. Er, I hope the no parking is not referring to me.

Here is master's starter, his cheese stuff.

Look, greedy mistress couldn't wait to get stuck into her food.

Master's food and his fine chips too.

Sitting nicely for my food - but wait - it has all gone.

And, as there were lots of cool comments following my last foodie post I thought I would mention a few of them.

Rosemary from Forgetsitandstay suggested Photographing Pippa's Parties is a good job for Mistress. I liked that idea.

Peanut said I was a saint for putting up with mistress because she thinks chasing cats is a disturbance and she didn't order enough food for me. Thank you Peanut. I appreciate your kind thoughts and your solidarity (not saying you are fat there, I might add quickly).

Asta reminded me that when I am making my film I will need to wine and dine with the stars. Very well remembered Asta.

JB's Big World asked if cats are allowed at the Indian restaurant and if cats like pippadoms. I don't know. I think they should be allowed although I suppose it would distract me from my food. I don't want them eating my pippadoms though.

Jackson asked if I am posh because I go to posh restaurants. I don't think I am but perhaps I need to work on it. Master and misery will probably let me down though because they are not remotely posh.

Momo & Pinot want me to hire them as my assistants. I think that is a cool idea, although I think you will have to wait until the tips and titbits start flowing in because right now I can't afford to share the measly portions I get. I assume you do want to be paid in food?

Marvin from the UK said he has been away at the Dog Hotel for ten days, so reading my critique of the local eateries has made him and "she who must never be obeyed", very, very, hungry indeed.

He thinks my Blog should be retitled 
"Pippa's Perfect Life".

Thank you Marvin, I like your idea for a new title. I need to work out how to incorporate it. I am sorry you have been to the dog hotel though, and hope you have had lots of biscuits and treats and soup and allsorts (not liquorice) to make up for it.

Wally said he thought Pippa's Palate Pleasers was a wonderful idea and that I would be a wonderful critic.

 And he asked if mistress was a vegetarian? and said his ma ape was quite fond of those poppadum pickles.

Yes master and mistress are vegetarian and have been for too many years that they can remember. Pippadom pickles are very yummy although I don't get to eat the hot ones.

Next up pizza review - where at least I got to eat something.


Lacy said...

w00f's Pippa, happy birfday to ur master and mistress...hmm looks like they wood share their birfday dinner wiff u...yummmm pizza, me cant wait till that one...

b safe,

Marvin said...

wow! Pippa, thank you for the mention. I am honoured deeply.

My J and I love looking at your restauranto reviewos, we have become slightly addictedo, well we are always hungryo even if we have eaten before looking at your foodieo blog, but your posts make us mowe hungwy than can ever be apprewciated.

ok, I have lost the will to spell properly I can see, and my paws are far too darn big for the keyboard hence I press all the wwong ones.

But to continue.........

I am concerned......being a member of the PCTWBs society (Prevention of Crewelty to Wellington Boots Society) that some of my fellow Members are being consumed as Pippa Poppadom dishes.

Forgive me if I am wrong but did you bark the following:

~ "Vegetable Wellington" ~

I just hope it is not the Wellingtons (Red in colour) which my J wore today during our walkies, I would never have allowed them to be exposed to such danger if I had known your peeps ATE WELLINGTONS......even if they are Vegetable Wellingtons.

Mind you, my J says to ask your Ma and Pa, if the Wellingtons were nice to eat - in fact - she asked me to bark to you "were the Vegetable Wellingtons Rubbery"?????

Lovely, Rubbery, Jubbely, Marvin xxxx

Ok, enough already, wish your Master and Mistress a Good and Happy Barkday from me, with many Pees.

and Pees.

Your friend Marvin xxxx

Anonymous said...

I love your bloggeroonie, it saves me from spending money eating, I can just drool.

You have a lovely life out there in far Gib Land.

I am envious.

But not bitter.

A of S. x

Peanut said...

Tell mistress that the easiest way not to get fat is to give you her food. Then she won't have to worry.

Charlie said...

Yes, I think Peanut's on to something there. You could be a great help to your mistress.

Party on, Pippa!
- Charlie

Candi said...

Hi Pippa so good so see you again. All that is making my mouth water, i would love to try the cross auntie thingys, they sound nice. Ails was jsut saying she loves Spain she always goes to All clue d a i thin thats how you say it and spell it.

lots of licks



One of the pack said...

Partying all the time, that's our Pippa. We love the food reviews, but shouldn't that mean you get served first!

Check with the humans on this!

Loving Life,

Lady Lola

Eva said...

Darling Pippa,
First and very important - Happy birthday to Master and Mistress. It looks like they had a lovely dinner to celebrate.

We clicked the linky thing and read the menu to me. All I (and Momma) can say is yum!!!

Princess Eva

Goofy said...

Wow.. Those food really does makes me droooooooooooooooooooooooool... Please pass some over .. plsssssss

Happy Birthday to Master and Mistress!!!!


Lorenza said...

Hola Pippa!
Happy Birthday to Master and Mistress! Glad you all celebrated it! Yummy food!
Kisses and hugs

Sophie Brador said...

Pippa, You need to work on your distraction techniques. For instance, try something like this. Bark incessantly at something across the table. When the Ms look, you grab your pippadoms and cheese and what ever other yummies you can get. I'd be going for the veggie rolls and Naan myself, but would be quite happy with whatever I could get my chompers on.

I wonder if that Marvin is THE Marvin. The Scottish poet Marvin. I hear he's been popping in here and there and we all miss me tons.


Sophie Brador said...

Oh yeah, and Happy B-Days to the Ms!


The Army of Four said...

Happy birthdays!!!!!!!
Pippa, didn't you get to eat ANYTHING!??! You have SUCH a sad look on your face. Honestly, you could score anything you wanted off my mom and dad with that sad look!

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hi-Woo Pippa,

It's been awhile since we last talked with woo. You should be a food critic - going around & taste testing food in different restaurants. We could handle a job like that, yummy! Our mommy can't handle very spicy or Indian foods. The one time she tried it when they had take-out at work, she couldn't eat for the rest of the day - it was that spicy & she got mild.

Til next time,

-Cosmos & Juneau-

The Zoo Crew said...

That food looks soooooo yummy!!!

Love the restaurant reviews!

Peace + Paws,


JB's Big World said...

Happy birthday to your master and mistress! My mom's birthday was in june too on the 14th. I hope you got to party a little too. You look a bit sad that all the food was gone. I think I would like a kwa sant if it had some lightly seasoned grilled salmon in it!

Chef said...

Pippa! Tell your parents a belated Happy Birthday. Sorry to be late... that buttery crispy roll is a croissant - (pronounced cross-on) French for crescent, because it's crescent-shaped. OOOOhhhh that food. Me and Mama are both drooling. Didn't you get the leftovers??


wally said...

Pippa, Your food reviews are of unparalleled quality, though please tell your master and mistress happy birthday and also your reviews would be of even greater quality if they would give you more food to sample and report on.


ps. Ethel says HELLLLOOOO!

Freda said...

Hey Pippas,

Are you celebratin' Nadal's cooools victorys? What a greats match. Nadal, Euro Cups and then Sergios in the British Opens. That would be a greats Spanish hat tricks!



Jackson said...

Hey Pipps, a very belated happy birthday to your humans. Did you get cake? J x