Friday, April 22, 2011

No puppy pal for me

Now, the other day at my finca, the little puppy was standing on MY path. 'Puppy! Puppy!' called Misery. 'Come here Puppy!'

So puppy ran up the path and stopped at my gate to say hello. Well I could really have done without that, thank you Misery, but you know what a friendly dog I am so I sniffed noses with puppy.

Misery looked carefully at puppy and shrieked. Puppy had a tick on its face. 'Go away Puppy!' said Misery. 'Go home.'

Saved from a not-remotely-cute puppy by a tick of all things. Can you believe it? Master went on full tick alert after that, and later found one on me. Nasty, nasty ticks.

As well as some Advantix drops which they had given me earlier, they decided to try out some of the natural therapies that Misery discovered when she did her tick fever research.

So now they put cider vinegar in my water. I suppose I shouldn't complain as they do buy organic for me. And if I'm not smelling of vinegar, I am smelling of lavender as they put drops of lavender essential oil on my harness.

Whether all this will deter the ticks is anyone's guess, but so far none of them have hooked into me. More importantly I hope it doesn't deter my girlfriends that I smell rather oddly these days.

What else?

Misery seems to think I was spending too much time on facebook. I ask you. So she is not letting me play on there any more. My farm is fallow and I don't know what people are up to. She's also thinking about deactivating hers. Hey ho. Perhaps that means we will get to visit more of you.

She was too slow to get a pic of me sharing snoses and ticks with not-remotely-cute puppy, so here I am contemplating my feeties. I'm not really looking for ticks. Honest.

Oh, and it seems I am looking forward to a blood test soon. In June they say, to see if all the nasties have gone out of me after my poorliness with canine erlichiosis.

Misery is going to add a link to my sidebar so that if anyone needs a reference to her blog post about tick disease and the links that are on there they can click on it. I suppose she has her uses.

And a quick PS - Please visit here - Schnauzer and Schnauzer to help in a good pup cause - need to visit by 29 April. Ta.


Moondance Huskies said...

My darling Pippa,
I sure hope Misery does not delete you from FB. I love leaving you messages there and sending you gifts for your farm...hope she lets you dig in the dirt again. I will help you. As for you smelling like lavender...I LOVE lavender! mmmmmm makes me want to snuggle up to you. I will have my paws crossed that your blood test comes out ok. I love the pic of you looking at your feetie feets.

All my love,
Your Skye

Bren said...

Oh dear that poor puppy. Scrappy has been having ACV in his water bowl for 6yrs it also changed his PH balance and got rid of nasty tear stains. Mum sprays us with diluted Peppermint essential oil when we go outside and she also sprays along the skirting boards. Our mum is paranoid about fleas.

Bren said...

LOL sorry Pippa I thought I was logged in as SnP :-/

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Poor puppy - doesn't he have any humans that care? He shouldn't be out running in the streets.

We send you wishes for your blood tests to have good results.

Happy Easter.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'd be your puppy if I were khloser!

PeeEssWoo: Princess Eva and Brice The Handsome's Momma is here with ME!!!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Those ticks are real nasties, aren't they? #1 uses Advantix too and she also examines me from nose to tail almost every day to make sure one hasn't managed to sneak on.

I'm crossing paws that your blood test results will be excellent!


Pedro said...

Oh man! You have ticks by you too?? We have them really bad here on Long Island in NY. My late brother Ziggy had Lymes Disease twice. Those little buggers are baaaaad!!! Good thing your humans are careful to protect you!


JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

No ticks for you! Hope your blood test goes well. I just had my bloods stolen and the test came out pretty good even though I am a senior.

Suzy ∆•• said...

Hopes you and your peeps are okays after the earthsquake. Perhaps they cycled arounds the big cracks.

Suzy ∆••

Amber-Mae said...

Heya Pippa! I hope all those ticks are gone already. I hate ticks. They make me feel itchy. Hoomie Melissa on the other hand loves experimenting & torturing them. TEE HEE