Saturday, June 04, 2011

Here I am!! We found blogger again!!

Hello Misery!! No posts for May!! No visits!! What's going on?

Cleaning?? What's that?? Doesn't normally happen around here.

Oh, and Misery is spending too much time on a Facebook Page called Everything German Shepherd.

Hey! How about a blog called every Pippadogblog?

Still, she has posted a couple of pix of me up there so I shouldn't complain. GSD lovers, get yourselves over there. But don't abandon your dogblogs.

So, apart from the puppy who is now out of bounds - see me checking him out here ..

What else? I have been busy taking part in the Joe Staines cheeseburger thingy. Except we don't eat those whatever they are, so I was told toast would be acceptable. Toast is ALWAYS acceptable. So here is toasty Pippa.

Eye on the toast - evil eye

So patient .. for a while

Mine - give me - NOW!

And on another tack, here we are stopping at one of my favourite peepee spots, with a lovely view of Gibraltar. Me, my Landy, Gibraltar and Master. The arty Gibpix will be on Misery's blog. My blog needs to have pix of ME. It is a dogblog not a giblog.

Master and I. Happily.

Oh, such a nice quick bonding session

And Master trying to open my Landy whatever else you may think he is doing with his arm


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Hi Pippa, you are looking great in your pics today. We really love that third one, but they are all wonderful. We are hoping to get our cheeseburger tastes tonight when Mom fires up the grill. So sad about Joey, but so nice of him to leave us with a great way to honor his life.

Enjoy your weekend.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Vidock said...

Good to see you, Pippa Old Chap!

I hope your Master was successful in getting the Landy open! And that you got your fair share of toast!


♥MONA + MOMMY TOO♥ said...

Hi Pippa,

Mommy just fowarded your comment about Miss Roxie over to Aunt Mary's. We have been begging her to blog again. Maybe your comment might help.

{{{huggies}}}.....Mona & Weenie

Franki V said...

Wuvelly to hear from you, dear Pippa!

Do you ever have a chance to play with those macaques on Gib?

Mango said...

Cool walkie with your Master. I am sure you helped him with the Landy.



Thank you for visiting us and your kind words. Our paths have crossed before. A couple times in the chat room and some fo the other blogs.

Essex & Dog Dad

Lorenza said...

Al fin!
That FB thing is not funny. That is the reason I don't let my mom playing there! Hmmm...
Glad you are enjoying a great time with your Master!
And having a toast to honor Joey!
Kisses and hugs

Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Pippa, thank you for dropping by - we seem to share the same issues - lazy humans!
Glad to see you managed to get Misery to post a blog post and even better that you are in it!
We miss our blog but sometimes you just can't get the staff......
Martha and Bailey xxx

Joe Stains said...

Thanks for honoring Joe. Toast is a great thing too, he would have gladly had a bite or 3.

Sam said...

Hi Pippa! We were wondering what happened to you! Love the new pics!


Deefor said...

Hi Pippa
Thanks for visiting me! I love that chains thing going on in your blog. And you look great.


ra husky said...

Harrooo Pippa!! No cheeseburgers here either but we did have a little fish for the occasion:) Hope woo got in to your landy- Isis locked #1 out of the car last week and we had to wait like two hours while pops walked home to get the spare bows,


BenTheRotti said...

Hey Pippa,

Your looking good friend. I'm glad to hear that it is not just me who has a useless secretary.. mine has now gone beyond useless and reached depths of complete and utter laziness.. my blog has tumbleweed blowing through it! Still trying to persuade her to resume her duties.. any tips?

Take care and hope to be in touch on a more regular basis soon, I sure do miss blogland!

Ben xxx

Amber-Mae said...

Great to have you back again, Pippa! We missed you! My hoomie Melissa spends WAY too much time on that thing called Facebook too. Annoying isn't it?

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Hi Pippa,
I think you can have toast in honor of Joe S.
I am having trouble blogging too, with my miserable mom. Too busy.
Have a pawsome weekend, and go kiss some of my cat friends over there, k?

Ruger said...

Well, hello Pippa. My Mumma fought that we had left a comment on your blog already, but maybe we tried one day when it didn't work right.
My mumma finks you are a quite handsome dog, (but she is not allowed to fink you are more handsome than me.) And she says good idea to stay away from that puppy if he has bad fings. She says I am a fery lucky doggie because we don't hafe those bad tick fings here in New Zealand.

Wishing you lots of yummy toast
Your pal

Momo and Pinot said...

Hi Pippa,our friend!  The place you live is beautiful. Your mom probably prefers to stay outside. :) We look forward to reading the post for July!

Momo & Pinot