Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's mine

This is today's omelette for all my new friends to share. Mistress only had one egg for three of us so she put in some curried rice with peas, and artichokes. Yum.

"Give it to me"

"That last bit is mine. Now"


Bella said...

Reuben is sooo embarrased that he can't come to the keyboard !!
He thought you were a GIRL because you look so pretty ... um I mean handsome - for a shepherd type dog

hee heee - more omelete for me then hey ??

Anonymous said...
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Katherine and Pippa said...

Hey, Reuben is not on his own. Lots of people make that mistake too because I am so pretty and I have a very nice temperament. So I am not cross with Reuben and would still like to be mates.
But if he doesn't want to share the omelette, I'm always happy to share mine with the girls...although I get the biggest share obviously because IT's MINE.
Pipps (do I need a name change??)