Monday, March 26, 2007

My first post

Hello. My name is Pippa.

I am a Spanish sheepdog and I live in a small village by the sea in Andalucía.

It is a fine village here with lots of cats, rats and small dogs that look like cats or rats. It doesn't matter to me what they are - they are all small and they play The Run Away Game.

I found master and mistress when I was on the streets and looking for somewhere to live, they seemed ok so I moved in with them.

Now I am in charge of the house, and I also get to go in master's Land Rover, although I don't get to travel in the front. I have my very own passport too so I can go on adventures with them. I will get mistress to write about those.

Mistress was looking at lots of dog photos on a camera forum when we saw a doggyblog.

I thought it would be good to have my own blog but she has been busy writing hers. Yesterday she wrote about me.

Finally she's given in though and I can have my own space, I don't think she wants me cluttering up her blog with lots of doggy pix and stories. So that's cool, I am pleased with my new blog.


Bella said...

Hi Pippa,
Welcome to the world of dog blogging - I'm Bella & my doggy brother Reuben thinks you're really cute - he's a mastiff cross german shepherd.
I reckon he's a bit of a block head, but you might like him. Ouch he just nudged me with his nose - & wants to say Hi.

Happy sniffs
(and Reuben)

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hello Bella
Thanks for your welcome. I am really cute. I am also a boy. Mistress gave me a silly name. Anyway, we're going to come and have a look at your blog today when she's finished doing my posts.

Ruff ruff (very deep masculine ruff ruff)