Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kind thoughts

Hello everydog

Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

I have not eaten my paella though. Sorry. But I am eating my biscuits, master feeds them to me, one by one, so I take them delicately. I am back up to my normal portion now. Perhaps I could get used to this hand feeding. Mistress gave me some of her breakfast-time peach too.

I am drinking lots of water. I think it is important to drink lots when I feel poorly. It is also quite warm here, we are hitting the 30s now (90s for lots of you dogs).

So I lie on the terrace when there is a nice breeze, or flop inside on the tile floor. I am conserving my energy.

Today master and mistress went adventuring. I stayed home. I didn't feel up to a ride in the Landy in hot weather stuck in traffic. They were picking up some gardening stuff that was in store. Not much point taking lawnmowers and hedge strimmers to my GibFlat.

Special thanks to Blue for her crystal suggestion. M&m have put some on top of the electricity box. A couple of things have gone better since then.

M&m want me to say they are not totally whacky. Hah! They say there is no reason not to try things if it doesn't do anyone any harm.

Master had a bright idea. He told mistress to go to hospital and get her poorly arm chopped off. Said that way she would have to learn how to use the other one and stop saying: "Just wait until my arm's better...." I think he nearly came to serious arm. I mean harm.

Unofficially I thought it was quite funny. Officially I am lying on the fence, or would be if we had one and it was tiled. Anyway, I want some more peach tomorrow.

Here are our tomatoes as I've noticed lots of friends over the sea post tom pix. This was a couple of days ago, but today mistress took them off. Apparently the skin is tough, the flesh is soft, but the flavour is good. Well I would eat them anyway.



Kerrio said...

Pippa I am now officially quite concerned. Could you please perk up and get better soon or I will have to REALLY worry.



wally said...

Oh poor Pippa. I'm glad you're eating biscuits, at least. Perhaps the heat is making you poorly? Nothing makes me turn away food. Heat, cold, thunderstorms, thermonuclear war...it is always time for a nap.


Frasypoo said...

Hi Pipps,
Glad you are eating something.It would be time to worry if you were not eating anything at all..It could be a combination with the rising heat too.
My mom went Aah at the sound of the word peaches....our states crop of peaches got a bad frost and they are so rare,expensive and look horrible !

Bella said...

Pippa darling - it must get very hot under that beautifulthick coat of yours - or does it provide good insulation?
It's good that you are able to eat some and I hope by the time you read this that you are much better!!!
heehee about the arm though - what a cheeky master that nearly came to 'arm !!
Do you eat tomatoes too?

Anonymous said...

Hi PippaDoggy!

I'm sorry you are not feeling 100%, but please don't eat too much peaches/fruit. I don't think fruit are good for doggies -- it gives them diabetes. That's what happened to a dachs I once knew.

Have some boiled chicken and plain rice until you feel better.


Dog Lover

Lorenza said...

Hola Pipa.
Its good to know that you had at least some biscuits. You need to eat to feel better soon!
Take care

Dachsies Rule said...

Pippa we are worried about our friend. You need to start feeling better. At least master takes the time to feed you so they know you are eating something. Get better soon so you can chase cats and ride in the Landy.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, Pippa. Sorry you're still not back on top form.

Mmm, I loke tomato, never tried them when they are still green.

Oscar x

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Pippa, I hope you aren't allergic to something in your food. I'm so glad I'm mostly healthy. I could have some mental issues, what with the whole wanting to attack guide dogs thing, but mostly, I am physically fine. But mom is going to switch me to raw food so that nothing bad happens to me (I always have runny poo and she thinks my tummy just can't handle it).

Anyway, enough about me. I really really hope you feel better soon. I'm with the Kerrio and the smuds and will officially be concerned soon.

p.s. you can totally be one of my boyfriends!

Freda said...

Poor Pippa and Mistress,
(From Freda's secretary)

I'm having a difficult time staying in touch with all of our friends due to my mum's sloooow computer and all the visiting.

All those Negative Waves, Negative Waves... I hope things are looking better today. Tummy aches and a crank arm. Don't know if I should say this, "...they come in threes". I think we should call the present episode one of the three.

And this thing about throwing away presents and stuff. Hmmm... better send all the gifts you don't want over here. Ha, ha!

Your tomatoes look really yummy.

Take care of each other and we hope things are looking up the next time we look in.

Wuufs from Freda and her lazy typist.

TAPhillips said...

Hey Pippa! I think maybe you and I got into the same garbage or ate the same bug or whatever it is that are making our poorly tummies!

Hope you're getting better... dogmom is giving me hamburger and rice now and some more meds that seem to make my tummy not so sick from the other meds I have to take.

I think I'm gonna just start spitting out all the medicine and keeping the hamburger and rice!

Wuf Ya - Gomer

Ferndoggle said...

Wow, your tomatoes are huge!! Ours are just teeny still.

The heat is killing our appetite too...well, not Sherman's but it is for us girls.

Penny & Lola

wally said...

Pippaaaaaa! Are you feeling better? My sister is asking about you and acting all moopy and worried.


ps. Are you trying to show off with your big 'matoes?

Ana Lucía said...

Pippa, I like biscuits also!!!
oohhhh Pippa, I am glad you are eating something!!

(no sabia que estabas enfermitaaaaaaa :o(((