Friday, June 15, 2007

Feng shui - bad vibes....?

Remember our pals who came to see us a month ago?

And I ended up feeling yucky?

We wondered if they had brought some sadnesses with them that they didn't tell us about, and some of it got dropped off here.

The other day they rang to say they had come to our house and left some birthday presents over the gate. (No, not mine, I don't know when mine is.) They had missed us because we had been down to GibFlat.

Well, the present bag wasn't there. Why not? Because master had seen it early one morning and thought it was a rubbish bag he must have put out the night before. So he threw it in the bin.

But when they rang he went to rescue it. They were nice presents too.

And then I got sick again. Master and mistress had a few little disappointments. Mistress is sick too now. Neither of us want our breakfast, and we are so tired.

So since they came, I was sick on the sofa - twice. I pulled mistress over, she hurt her hand. Then we didn't see them and nothing more happened. But then the presents came and we got more griefs. Not mega. Co-incidence probably.

We hope they had a nice hol. And if they had any little sadnesses that they got rid of them. But not at our house.

Here I am under my table hiding from the world and bad vibes.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa.
As you say it could be a case of bad vibes, but I don't know how you can get rid of them. I hope you find out about it.
Have a nice weekend

Bella said...

Hi Pippa,
Hmmmm that seems to be more than co-incidence. We have a gong here that mama got in Thailand, that she sounds to let any lingering 'bad-vibes' that they should move on - also burn incense and aromtheraphy oils. i'm not sure if it all works but it mells nice and the gong sounds is pretty - so no harm done.
Sorry to your friends, but perhaps your papa intuitively knew that the bag of presents was not good & that's why he threw them out.
We will sound the gong for you and hope that you are all getting much better vibes.
Take care wuffs,

Kerrio said...

Hey Pippadog and Pippadogmum

We are sending you tonnes and tonnes of GOD vibes so that you feel better.

And if that does not work I will have to send Nurse QB to make you feel better. You won't like that bit, he does not know when to stop licking.

Hope you feel better soon!

Snogs from the SUMDs

Kerrio & co

Frasypoo said...

Hope you guys get better!
Maybe you need new friends and get rid of the old!!
take care guys....

Sophie Brador said...

What a drag! I hope it is a coincidence, because it would be really sad if your friends always made you feel icky.

p.s. What's a scranny?

Frasypoo said...

Well out with the old and in with the new!
Hello friend....!

The DogFather said...

I am ENTIRELY sure that Kerri meant GOOD vibes.

She cannot spell, AND she has a wonky keyboard ;-)

wally said...

Dude--you have cosmic powers but maybe not good ones! How 'bout you dump the empathy and learn to fly so you can visit my sissy and get her out of my hair for awhile?


Oscar Airedale said...

Aw Pippa, I'll send you some Aire-zens to counter act the bad vibes.

Oscar x