Monday, May 14, 2007

Feeling yucky

I was sick yesterday.

I am not usually poorly. So we were all surprised. I say we, I mean mistress and I because master is working on my kennelflat.

Mistress had some friends round who have just come over on holiday. I was very pleased to see them because they are super animal lovers.

They have a cat called Leonard and I am sure we would be great friends (hehe) but he was back in the UK.

We did lots of loves and kisses, and then I went to lie down in my den and next to mistress, so she could make sure I didn't feel left out.
Before that the nice woman gave me a peanut, only one, but her husband told her that they were difficult for us dogs to digest. Mistress knows that one of our friends put up a great list of ungood things to eat but she can't remember if peanuts were on there. She can't find the list either.

Much later that night after they had gone I was sick. Mistress amazingly cleaned it up and chucked the sofa throws in the washing machine.

When you are poorly you don't really feel like moving do you? So much easier to be sick exactly where you are, even if you are on your sofa. Although mistress says some of her other doggies managed to stagger to the door. Ben the black lab didn't though. Just lay exactly where he was - sensible dog. Like me.

Anyway, poor old mistress had just cleaned everything up, and I decided I would be sick again. If I hadn't been feeling poorly I would have laughed.

The down side is that I didn't get any tasties with my breakfast, it was just very plain food. Pooh.

Mistress posted a query up on the Bone Zone and says she got a nice answer from Dory and Liza. But if anyone else has any comments that would be cool. Thanks everydog.

But ok today - so far.

And finally - I've been tagged by Lorenza. I'm supposed to lie on my back with my legs in the air. But I never do that. I always curl up so that I am safe. Like this.

So mistress will have to work out how to roll me over and take a photo before I roll back again. That will keep her busy.


Ferndoggle said...

Feel better soon Pippa! Stay away from the peanuts!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Oscar Airedale said...

Ooh, I'm not sure about actual peanuts, but I have smooth peanut butter regularly in my Kong with no trouble.

I don't blame you for wanting to cuddle up safe after your time on the street.

Oscar x

Blue said...

Poor you! You look so sweet cuddled up on the sofa.
I do hope you feel better soon & up to doing your tummy tag!

Pats & pets to you

Lorenza said...

Oh, Pippa. I hope you fell better soon. My mom says that she read somewhere that peanuts are not god for dogs.
Get well. Please! Please! Please!

Dachsies Rule said...

Oh, Pippa, we want you to feel all better. We were the ones that had a link to the bad foods on our 1May entry. We looked and walnuts and macadamia nuts are the only nuts on the list. Have mistress go back to that entry and click on the link and bookmark it. You never know when you might need the information.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Katherine and Pippa, said...

thanks dachs
i am better but i pulled mistress today so now she is poorly and can't type

Anonymous said...

Hola Pippa!

I am glad that you are feeling better.

Just noticed your new headline - "Looking after 2 stray brits in Spain" Muahahahahhaha.

Yup that's what we do best - looking after our Humanos. Quite a clueless bunch if you ask me.

Bella (un perro mezclado de Singapur)

Kerrio said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather Pippa. You need to tell your humans that scrambled eggs and smoked salmon are particularilty good for poorly dogs.

easy on the caviar though..

Gomer & Opie said...

Bummer Pippa! It's no fun to feel sick to your stomach. We hope you're feeling better really soon!
Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie at DogsAyeView

Goofy said...

Pippa, How are you? Feeling better? Hope you'll get well very soon...

Love licks