Friday, May 04, 2007

Sausages and tomatoes

Mmmmmm Sosleboslers - ok I mean sausages - and toms for second breakfast today.

Hurry up master give it to me.

Put the camera down mistress and give me sausages. Now.

At last, yum yum yum yum.

And here's a pirouette in case there's any more to come.

Note from mistress. He was sitting as good as gold and then upped to do a pirouette. Normally I end up with a totally empty shot or just a flash of tail. He moves so fast this is as good as it will ever get!


Anonymous said...


I just found your blog. I am so happy that it is in English. I could barely manage with my Espanol intermedeio nivel 2!!!

Love the blog and you are too cute. I will be checking out your blog for new posts. Keep up the good job :-)

Bella (un perro mezclado de Singapur) and her human Gail.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hola Bella y Gail

Do you have a dogblog too for us to look at??

Pippa (perro pastor español, mezclado tambien) y Catalina.

PS Perhaps we should do our blog half in Spanish and half in English - what do you think?

Oscar Airedale said...

Si Pippa, puedo leer espanol un poco!

Me gusta el desayuno!

Oscar x

Bella said...

Hi there Pippa,
I want to share in your breakfast menu options - yummy yum yum
Wufs & a special g'day from Bella & Kobe

Simba said...

sausages yum yum. Not sure about tomatoes.

Simba xx

Dachsies Rule said...

And all we ever get is kibble and cottage cheese. Please ask mistress to tell Mom that a second breakfast of sausage and tomato is very good for doggies.

Love the pirouette!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Isabella said...

MM... sausage! I love eggs and sausage. I wonder if your spanish sausages taste the same as American sausage? My favorite is maple breakfast sausage.
Big Wags,

Bella said...

Hi Pippa,
yeah do you blog half in english & spanish Girasol does - check out
I only know a couple of words of Spanish but think it would be fun.
Wuffs Bella

Pippa matey, you get second breakfast??? How do i get mama to do the same???
Hi Paws

Kerrio said...

Sausages... sausages. the magic word in this household. You can get the dogs to do ANYTHING for sausages.

Tomatoes are stolen straight from the vine in the greenhouse (if I'm silly enough to leave the door open) and that's only Cleo. But then she IS a lurcher and therefore given to pety thievery.

PiratesGrrl said...

Hi there!

We just found your blog, you're gorgeous!!

The Brat Pack

wally said...

Mmmmm. sausages. I dance for food, too.


Anonymous said...


Ahora todo via no tengo un Blog es que mi humano es muy perozoso (Gail : Yes Yes I will try to get my cullo moving....)

It is a great idea to have your blog in English and Spanish :-)

Btw, perro mezclado ROCKS!

Bella de Singapur.

Blue said...

Discovered you via Dog with Blogs, am glad I did. Will be visiting again.

Goofy said...

Wow...yummy to have your menu too!!!!!

Ana Lucía said...

que lindo Pippa :o)) muy bello!!!

the DogsAyeView Dogs said...

Wow! What a beautiful ballet dancer you are, Pippa! Think if we learn that move, that we'll get a sausage?

Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie