Saturday, May 12, 2007


1 Mosquitoes

Master jumped up like a demented idiot in the middle of the night and started hunting a mosquito with a can of spray.

Mistress jumped out of bed in an even more demented fashion to escape the smell of the odour-free spray and spent an hour looking at blogs waiting for the smell to go.

I sensibly stayed on my sofa of course.

The impact of this is that she is feeling sleepy this morning and isn't going to put up many pix. Pooh.

2 Driving in my Landy

Not driving in my Landy would be more accurate. They went out yesterday saying something about it was too hot to leave me in the coche while they were shopping so I had to stay home and entertain myself bounding on and off my sofa.

I didn't even knock the huge pile of ironing off the board.

Master is off to Gib today again to do a couple of small jobs but he is going on the bus. So no trip in my Landy there either. Sad Pippadog.

3 Mi blog en español

Mistress and I have been chatting about writing some of my blog in Spanish. As I am a Spanish dog and we live in Spain and Gibraltar we think this would be a good idea.

And master and mistress are always mixing their languages or talking Spanish when they are out. Whether anyone understands them is another matter.

Some of our dogblogpals have said it is a good idea too.

Some clever dogs do two versions of their blog, one in each language but mistress is far too idle to do that, so we will just add a few words and sentences in Spanish.

Ya está. Hasta la próxima.

I'll leave you all with this morning's pirouette while I was waiting for my omelette sandwich.

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Blue said...

Really enjoyed reading about Prince. I know what you mean about still being sad when you remember him, I'm the ame about my One True Love.