Friday, May 11, 2007

Going for a - proper - walk

No more of these silly history tours - or at least not here in the Spanish countryside.

It has suddenly warmed up here so I am not going for a long walk at lunchtime, but we had a nice amble up and down the track yesterday evening.

There is a cat at the bottom of the hill. But Misery Master is getting as bad as Misery Mistress and just as I thought we were getting nice and near (ears back, nose twitching, me not the cat), we turned round.

Well they did and I tried to continue down the hill towards the cat but it was a bit difficult. It seems even if you point your head in the direction you want to go in, your body won't follow if you are wearing a lead, and someone is pulling you the other way. Pooh.

Here I am on top of the drain. Thinking about what to do next.

And jumping off.

Anyway, I decided to walk very slowly. Very, very slowly.
I decided to have lots of sniffs and do nothing else. Well, maybe a couple of token peepees, but no more.
That would teach them for silly history tours and turning round just before the cat. It was a pretty black one too and it clearly wanted to play the Runaway Game because it shot into the hedge.

So they had to take me up the river bed. It doesn't look like a river bed because the weather is dry now and everyone can drive up and down, but in winter it is impassable.

Off we went, it was nice and shady although short of cats.

We walked further up until master got bored. So then we walked slowly back down.

I did lots more sniffs.

"That's your lot now Pippa until tomorrow morning." said Master.

Don't care, I thought. I'll just wake you up nice and early anyway.......


Dachsies Rule said...

Pippa, we read all about your interesting walk but we laughed at the last line. Yes, we also know how to exact the perfect revenge the next morning ... Sammy's nose is really cold -- tee hee hee.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, it's hard to believe a river will be flowing down there in the winter.

It's Saturday tomorrow - have a lie-in. I love them!

Oscar x

Blue said...

Great walk!
The dried up river bed was interesting, not even a trickle & it's only May!

Pats & pets to you

Ferndoggle said...

Sniffing & Peeing...2 major components to a perfect walk!


Lorenza said...

Hi Pippa. I agree with you. Walkies have to be done sloooooowly with lots of sniffing and some stops to pee.
The Rio Nazas here is the same like the one you talks about... Dry, dry, dry, it hasn't had water for at least 10 years.