Thursday, May 10, 2007

Going for a walk - of sorts

We went for a walk. Master and mistress wanted to go to the supermarket and mistress wanted to go to the Tourist Information Centre to get a Calendar of Events and find out what was Going On.

Silly mistress. It is perfectly clear to everydog what is going on in Gibraltar. It is full of cats who want to be my friend. I know this because they all try to play the Runaway Game and I am then meant to chase them. That is what is Going On. Or it would be if I had half a chance.

This walk turned out to be a History Tour. Just because mistress has a history degree she thinks every person and their dog is also interested in history.

Here is the American War Memorial. It commemorates the co-operation of British and American forces at Gibraltar during the First World War. It is quite pretty I think with the shiny gold, but it is a boring picture because I am not on it. The one at the top with master and I on is a much better photo of the memorial isn't it?

Mistress needs to learn this is not a history blog. It is a Pippadogblog so pictures should at the very least have me on them somewhere. So that's mistress sorted out.

Here we are on Line Wall Promenade. The statue is of a sailor and a soldier and is a memorial to the Gibraltarians who died in the First World War.

The guns are Russian and were captured by the British soldiers during the Crimean War. The British Government then presented the guns to the people of Gibraltar.

Master and I are standing outside Duke of Kent House. Mistress took this because she thinks it looks very colonial and reminds her and master of some of the old buildings they saw when they lived in Australia.

Here is the side view of the same building.

Bad mistress. How did she sneak that one in? I am not on it. Pooh.

I was very tired after this walk. I was even more tired with all the silly history lessons from Mistress.

When we got home I flopped in the hallway of our block. I thought it was a good idea to have a nap before I went up the stairs. Master didn't agree and made me get up and go inside the kennelflat for my nap. I didn't see why I couldn't nap in the hallway. There are no rules that say "Pippadog or any other dog can not sleep in the hallway."

And of course my sofa had gone the day before. Although I don't think I had the energy to bound onto it anyway.


Lorenza said...

Hola Pippa!! Gracias por visitar mi blog. Me alegra tanto que hables espanol pues sabes el ingles no es mi lengua y a veces se me complica. Tu blog es muy interesante. A mi mami le ha gustado mucho.
Te agregue a mi lista de amigos, esta bien?
Besos y abrazos

Kerrio said...

Nice scenery Pippa - but not enough Pippa in the pics!!! Mind you - your scenerey is MUCH more interesting than ours. (And it's been raining for days now...)

Snoop said...

Loved the pictures, Pippa. You are a beautiful dog as well as the scenery. Thanks for visiting my blog

Oscar Airedale said...

Well I enjoyed the history lesson, though I agree of course that you should have been in EVERY photo!

Oscar x

wally said...

Sigh. Of course humans think that history is about THEM and they miss the eternal cycle of the Dog. Eat. Chase Cat. Nap. Eternal return.


Bella said...

ah Pippa you look so happy & relaxed after your nice long walk - it's funny how the HM's don't recognise that some of their chatter is all just blah, blah, history, blah, FOOD !! to us - but hey man at least you get the outings !!