Monday, May 28, 2007

Seven pawsomes

I've been tagged. Twice.

The worst one is to show an embarrassing or silly pic of me. Well, I only ever do curled-up-nicely and sleepy pix.

So I am going to be on a sure winner for the Booby Prize again. If I didn't love you very much Bella, preciosa, I would hate you. But I will try and find a piccy for you, but only for you, mind.

Now, I have been tagged by Charlotte to tell you seven pawsome facts about me. I think I can manage this one.

1) Me encantan los chicharros, pero ya no esta el estacion.
I love peas. But they are out of season now.

2) Por mi desayuno segundo, me encanta un bocadillo de tortilla. Pero hoy, las gallinas no ponen. Y master y mistress han comido los huevos.
I love omelette sandwich for my second breakfast. But today the chickens haven't laid any eggs. And master and mistress have eaten them all. (eggs not chickens).

3) Me gustan las fresitas. Pero, he comido todo.
I like the little strawberries. But I have eaten them all.

4) Me gusta conducir en mi Landy. Pero hoy no vamos por ningun sitio.
I like to go driving in my Landy. But today we didn't go anywhere.

5) Vive en la calle. Pero luego, encuentre a master y mistress.
I lived on the streets. But then I found master and mistress.

6) Ya tengo muchos sofas, y mi kennelflat.
Now I have lots of sofas, and my kennelflat.

7) Pero, todavia quiero quedarme seguro, en mi den, por ejemplo.
I still want to feel safe though, like when I'm in my den.

And I tag Snoop, Lily, and Ruffy. Plus Sammy from Dachsies Rule, Harley and Hagen, and Kel who doesn't do Dogs with Blogs but was the very first dogblog we read, so he is my pal.

Dogs that are tagged need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names.


charlotte's blog said...

hay pippa glad that you got rescued i used to live with a family that didnt care for me but now i have a lovely family good pawsome facts
lots of barks

Bella said...

hee hee hee Pippa & you thought you couldn't do embarrassed or silly !!!
Well I tell you what going in a car (oopr sorry landrover) that doesn'ty go anywhere is pretty sill - Scooby does it all the time - he keeps hpoing in & hoping for the car to go !!!
Glad you LOVE me so much & knew you would come up with a creative solution to the 'rascally problem'
Bella & special matey greeting from Scooby

Chilli the Dog said...

Hiya Pippa! You looked so comfortable on that sofa.

I discovered your blog thru Bella. So I tot I shld drop by to say hi! You are one gorgeous looking dog. I'm glad you've found your furever home. I was an adopted dog too so we have something in common :)


Kel said...

I don't know another 7 dogs. Ruby left. :(

Tasha & Eva said...

Hi Pippa! Thanks for visiting our blog. We think you have a really cool blog! Dad likes your mistress's blog, too! We don't know why cuz there is hardly a mention of doggies in it. He says he likes seeing pictures and hearing about far off places. Great pawsome facts about you. We like fruits and veggies, too! We get them with our kibble sometimes. Sorry to hear about your mistress's hurt paw. You have to be more careful with your humans! They can be so fragile sometimes. We'll come visit you often! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Tasha & Eva said...

Hi, again Pippa. Would it be O.K. with you if we posted a link to your blog from ours? If you would like to link to us, that would be great! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.