Friday, October 12, 2007

My interviews

Penny sweetheart, I don't know how I missed your questions for me.

Mistress is in charge of my blog so perhaps master must have clicked on my new emails. And she never saw it. She should have checked though. Just another example of how rubbish she is.

I am so sorry.

ferndoggle said...
Lola was going to interview you, Pippa, but I told her NO WAY. *I'm* gonna ask the questions!

Here you go:
1. You say one of your favorite foods are peas. Peas??? How do you like them prepared?

I like my peas lots of ways. I like to catch them when they roll on the floor. This is ace fun. Mistress pods them out of the shell and the ones that don't go in the bowl I chase after.

When we are in Spain, she normally cooks (lots of) them, like a kilo or so, with onions, garlic, lots of olive oil natch, a drop of water so they steam naturally. Sometimes she adds other things, like carrots, or lettuce, or fresh onions, not sure what you call those in America. The green ones anyway.

I like them in paella too. Muy yummy. With a few habas (broad beans), alcachofas, azafran, and toms. Not that there is usually very much left for me. :(

And I like them curried. I think I developed a taste for curried food from Princey. He liked curry very much. I think that was because he was on the streets of the north east in the UK, and left over curry was probably all he managed to find to eat. And of course, both curry and paella have lots of tasty rice with them.

2. If you could go visit one of your DWB friends, who would it be?

That is a wicked question Penny. I knew you would be one of those troublesome intelligent girlfriends like Sophie La Flirtador or ETHEL RULZ.

As you are asking the question, I have to say I would like to come and see you, and Lola and Sherman. Three pals for the price of one. And those hot humid nights in da Burgh sound really cool. No, not cool, but something I am used to.

Plus, Misery Mistress grew up with boxers and she tells me you are a particularly beautiful looking example. The ones I have seen are not beautiful. And I would like to meet naughty Lola (so long as she wasn't too naughty and young doggish) and wise handsome Sherman. Of course Sherman is part Shepherd like my best pal Princey was, so I think it would be ace to meet such a clever and thoughtful dog.

3. Describe your perfect day.

First off, the cat hunt. Preferably about 5.30am when they are still hanging around, but sometimes master is a bit slow and it is around 6ish when we get outside.

Then toast with master. If he is slow to make it, I bound around a bit and make a few whiney noises. Haroo, roo. You know the sort of thing.

If I am lucky mistress gives me my personal breakfast fairly early. My biscuits and whatever tasties there are to go with it. I like the variety because I don't want the same boring old rubbish every day.

Then mistress and I eat her breakfast. It is good to start with grapefruit and/or raspberries, preferably both. Then we have rashers and a combination of tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms and toast or bread. (I prefer crunchy toast).

After my three breakfasts I normally have a nap and dream about cat hunting. I mean my girlfriends. I quite like mistress to come and stroke me and say nice things to me. After all, that is what she is there for. It would be even better if she opened the door to let me go hunting cats on my own, but that doesn't seem to be happening.

Master comes home at lunchtime to take me out, and we go out in the evening as well. Sometimes we stop and talk to people and master tells everyone not to be frightened of me, and that although I am big I am nice. So then they stroke me and say nice things. I like that.

When we are in Spain it is much the same, although I spend a lot of time at my gate (looking for cats).

To be honest Penny, all my days are perfect compared with being on the street, which is why I have described more or less what happens every day. It would be quite nice to have a girlfriend to play with though. That would be the icing on the cake. I am not too ambitious although it would be great if I could chase more cats.

4. I don't know who has more girlfriends, you or Boo Casanova. Are you threatened by Boo? Do you share any girlfriends?

Of course I am not threatened. I am not some silly macho dog. I would like to think I am thoughtful and respect all my girlfriends, and equally other dogpals who also have lots of girlfriends. I don't know how many girlfriends Boo has, or if we share any girlfriends, but I don't think it is important. After all, you and BFFF Ethel don't have a problem sharing me. :)

5. I think you look a lot like you think he might be your Dad?

Penny, you are a minx. I'm not sure I want to answer this. But the truth is he was a puppy in 2004 and I found master and mistress in 2003 when I was already bigger than a puppy. Perhaps I could be his daddy? I don't wish to sound like an old dog though and lose any of my beautiful girlfriends, however I think it is important to be honest.

Thanks for letting me interview you! ::Smoooooooch!::Penny

Love you lots Penny. That was a very difficult interview. Thank you for the very thoughtful questions. I always knew you were intelligent as well as beautiful.

guinness & shiloh's family said...

Darling Pippa, thank you for reminding me of my forgetfulness. Of course I want to interview YOU, my handsome boyfurrriend!

Now, let me see, hmmmmm

1. Darling Handsome Pippa, we have heard how you master & mistress found you and took you in, but how did you get your very interesting name?

Guinness, this one is just so embarrassing. Master and mistress could not decided what to call me. Because I am Spanish they thought about a Spanish name. But José or Pepe or Antonio just didn't really suit. Besides, the Spaniards that do give their dogs a name (apart from Perro = Dog) usually choose English names, like Jack and Lassie.

So then they thought along different lines. After all they had no idea what I was called before. Neither do I. Their other dogs at the time were called Paddy and Prince. So mistress thought about something beginning with P. Then she remembered the little polar bear she had seen in London when she was young.

He was tiny and white and furry and very cute. He was called Pippaluk (or Pipaluk) and his name meant "the little one" in Inuit. So mistress thought it was a good idea to call me that.

I wasn't little, although I suppose I must have been at some time, and I wasn't totally white (although I was more white than any other dog they have had), and she thought I was cute and furry and it was a unique name. She has a strange sense of humour. But then I ended up with it being shortened to Pippa and now everyone thinks I am a girl dog. Well, apart from my girlfriends hopefully.

One day she will find her souvenir book and scan in some pix of him. She has done a little search, apparently he died aged 22 in Poland. He had been moved from London when they closed the Mappin Terraces for bears. Mistress does not think moving bears around who should not be in captivity in the first place sounds very good so she does not want me to write any more about this. Or she will get on her soap box. This is not advisable.

2. How did you become boyfurrriend to so very many grrrls?

This is a nice question. I soooo love my girlfriends.

I didn't set out to get lots of girlfriends. As you know, I respect every female dog in her own right, and each one of you has your own life. I really don't know why I have ended up with so many girlfriends. But I am a nice calm friendly dog and I think my placid temperament might have led me into this. It is so difficult to say no to a beautiful dog. And I can't resist the combination of beauty and brains. I hope it is because I am not jealous, and I am a thoughtful dog who realises we all have our own lives, so my girlfriends all feel comfortable with me.

3. If you could, how would you come across the big ocean to be with me and snuggle noses?

Oh, wow. Ojalá. I think it would have to be on a cruise liner. After all, there are lots of them docking in Gib (or Málaga for when I am in Spain) every day. A cruise liner would mean that I could snooze lots, eat lots, and chase the ship's cats. I might bring Misery along to parade me around the deck, and generally cat(!)er to my every whim.

I realise it would take a long time, but I would enjoy thinking about rubbing noses and deciding what to bark at you when we met. I think I would be suitably chilled, although a bit nervous.

4. If you had to choose, would you rather have all of the grrrlfriends that you want, or all of the toast that you want?

That is a very naughty question. I think between the hours of 5.30 and 8.30am the honest answer is toast. But the rest of the day is for girlfriends.

5. Is there such a thing as a toasty grrlfriend?

Of course. One who is crisp, sharp, tasty, around early in the morning, desirable, - and I just can't wait for more. Is that the answer you expected Guinness?

Thank you very much for your interview. It was very clever, but GSDs are very clever. I am not sure my answers were clever but they were honest. Thank you for your time. Pippa xxxxxxxxxxx

And mistress couldn't get the layout right sorry about that.

Oops I've forgotten the rules. I can interview anyone who wants if they tell me and all the rest of it. I can post the rules later. We don't do rules well on this blog.



Harry said...

Great answers Pippa. I feel I know you so much better now!

Toodle pip,

Harry x

HHHHarry said...

I've tried to read all your answers, but I can't get past the reply you gave about THREE breakfasts!!!!!!!, THREE breakfast??????????? that's not fair, THREE breakfasts!!!!!!!!!! is too much for any dog, no it isn't, I want THREE breakfasts!!!!!!!!

Kapp pack said...

Pippa, if you visit Penny, Lola and Sherman you must come to visit me.....I am only about 4 hours away from them!!!! I wanted to tell you our little biped adores peas....they are one of her favorites! Great answers!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa.
Great questions, great answers!
I love that picture with your Master!
Have a good night

Simba said...

Peas? What little round green things? Really?

Simba xx

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

My handsome Pippa, those were trrrific answers and I know you so much better now! I really like the picture of you kissing your dad.

XOXOXO Guinness

Gus said...

OHHHH, cat hunting is so much fun, Mom and Dad store 2 cats in the room upstairs, taunting us.

Louie isn't sure of what to make of those cats as both are bigger than he is ........

Blue said...

Great answers Pippa.
So are you up to the challenge of interviewing a human???
I'm game!
Pats & pets

I borrowed a photo of yours for my doggy quotations post on Friday!

Jackson said...

Hey Pips, what thoughtful and insightful answers. I think you must be superclever to manage to get 3 breakfasts. I like to pretend to J1 or J2 that the other one forgot to feed me but they don't tend to fall for it. Well, not often enough for my liking.
J x

I'm a tad confused cos there IS a link to "Born to be Wild", that's why it's written in pink. If you click on it it opens Steppenwolf on Youtube. Hurrah!

Tasha & Eva said...

Very infomative interview, dearest Pippa! We are so jealous that you get 3 breakfasts! And such yummy variety, too. We really like the pic of you noozeling with Master. Very sweet! Of course you can use the "fine print" in your blog. Don't know if it is really needed, but just something to protect our "intellectual property" whatever that is. Have a great day! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

wally said...

Wow! Those are especially great questions AND answers. I especially like the toasty grrlfriend question. Tee hee. I'm going to go eat some peas in your honor.


ps. My friend has finally posted about Buko. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you stopped by. But I warn you--it is very sad. But in a happy way. Buko was one loved and loving dude.

Sophie Brador said...

Pippa, Pippa, Pippa, I am honoured to get a mentionin your blog. You are a dog after my own heart.


Ferndoggle said...

Yay! Come & visit me! That would be so much fun. Thanks for answering all of my questions...maybe YOU are LAVA's Dad!


Bama said...

Pippa dear, you're getting confused again....Mikki is the one who has Jack-a-Roo as a backup boyfriend (she says you're still number one!) & She's also the one that is great at catching rats.
That said, I'm more than willing to learn, have no other boyfriends, and would love to go "ratting/mousing" with you. Are you going to fly to Florida, or am I supposed to file to Spain? Thats a really long trip, and I don't have my passport....Mom wants to know what supervision will be there since I'm still under 6 months and you are obviously a worldly gentleman. Geez, I can't catch a break around here, maybe dad will be more understanding when he gets home....
Bama & the RHP

Momo :) said...

Pippa!! I am getting hungry after reading some of your answers. Curry and Paella sound great.

The last picture is very sweet! :)

Momo xoxo