Monday, October 01, 2007

Update - mistress, girlfriends, I love your blog

Misery mistress

Well everydog. In spite of me informing you all of mistress's many misdemeanours and stingy dishing-out of breakfasts, it seems you think I should keep her by 25 - 2.

And as you've all taken the time and trouble to vote on my poll and comment, I am going to follow your advice. You can tell I don't have a promising career as a politician - ask people what they think and then ignore them.

I got some great tips from you all so thanks for that. Balboa suggested I buy a clicker and start with the simple commands. I think that may be a good idea but I shall have to get master to buy it for me. Mistress is not so stupid as to buy one for me to use on her.

Also Freda suggested that I could have put a maybes in that poll, so you will see I have put more choices in the current poll. If you haven't voted yet, please have a look at the story below and tell me if you think I look like Lava. Poll closes in five days time.


Now, I have got myself into a mess with the girlfriends. This is a nuisance because mistress warned me that I was acquiring too many.

However, I have to make a public apology to Bama, Queen of the River Hill Pack (also known as Bamonster) and her sister Mikki.

When I was so sad about beautiful Misty going to her forever home and leaving The Stoutino Inn and Foster Kennel, Bama and Mikki offered to be my girlfriends too. And I missed them off the list. I am so sorry girls. Please say you will still be my girlfriends. It was so kind of you to be thoughtful when I was going through a difficult time.

Mistress tells me I also forgot to mention Abby and Holly who offered to join the list when they first started blogging. They are British though, so I guess that's why they haven't made a fuss.

Over at Bella's blog, where Bella and Kuki are my girlfriends, Honey - who is the newest member of their pack - has also asked if she can be my girlfriend. Well I can't really say no can I? Actually I don't want to say no, but mistress is tutting a bit in the background and saying I will just get more problems if I keep saying yes all the time. I don't care. Of course Honey, I would be very pleased if you were my girlfriend. So there mistress.

As you know Sophie La Flirtador has caused me some grief with her provocative flirtatious behaviour. Now she tells me I'm a Flirtador. I don't think I am. I love all my girlfriends (when I can remember them), and I don't deceive anybody. Everyone knows I have lots of girlfriends, but lots of them have other boyfriends too - as they are quite entitled to do. Now if I was going steady like Freda and Charlie that would be different. I think I am a modern dog - equal rights for all genders, I mean both genders.

And Sophs left me with a question. Is a she a tease or a strong independent woman dog? Easy that one. A strong independent woman dog who likes to tease. But because I respect you for the first bit I will tolerate the teasing. You are so pretty too. Especially in the water.

Bama and Mikki were right though. I will get mistress to make a list of my girlfriends. Perhaps I will put it on the sidebar. Then I can't forget.

I love your blog award

What with all this girlfriend stuff I almost forgot that pretty Momo in Canada gave me the I love your blog award. I can't really afford to upset any more female dogs. Thank you Momo. Beautiful Randi gave me this a while back, but I don't care how many times I get it.

Perhaps if I have two of them that means I am twice as loveable?


Frasier said...

You need a book and write the names of all your women as you accumulate them.I think you are the official"casanova "of the DWB world!
PS:If you hear the word raincoat again,run for the hills.They are nasty

Kerrio said...

Definitely twice as loveable.

Snogs etc

Kerrio & co

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Misty will ALWAYS be your grrlfriend Pippa and it looks like you can afford to spend time on Cheyenne too, as she will not be adopted as quickly as we thought. That guy was a (mom keeps using nasty words!). Cheyenne loves your pink snooter and wants to kiss it.

Suki & Joey said...

Hey Pippa!
Watch out, having too many girlfriends will definitely cause some problems. I know having 3 boyfriends has caused quite a stir amongst them...hehehe!

Puggy kisses

Ruby Bleu said...

Pippa, I had absolutely no idea you had so many girlfriends - wow! Maybe YOU are the real Casanova and no Boo?

Congrats on the so deserve it. Even though I don't comment all the time, I do read your blog. I especially like how you are not afraid to call your Mistress on stuff...we have that in common you know. I don't let my Mom get away with much either!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Kapp pack said...

You need to create yourself a spreadsheet or something to keep track of all your girls! I hear there's a new one at the Stoutino Inn (Sky already tried to place dibbs on her)

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa
We all know that you love your Mistress!! You just don't want to admit it!!!
I told you... you have too many girlfriends... and that means TROUBLES!
Have a good night

River said...

And HM thought I had too many girlfriends - seems like you've got one in every corner of the globe - just love your work!!


Simba said...

So many girls so little time.

Simba x

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Hi Pippa! We have our dad completely trained! See our post on Aug 7. You do look a little like Lava!

Charlie said...

You're going to have to get another human just to keep track of your girlfriends!

Lacy said...

woofies pippa!!!heehee u got urself in bunches of trouble i sees...nooo wonder too u r a vwery handsome dog fellow...nice to meets u..

b safe,

Bama said...

No worries, cutie, we already forgave you. We know how hard it must be to keep up with all of us, so we're not mad. Just remind Master that you need a little black book, (we're sure he'll understand, even if mistress doesn't, whoohooheehee)
Bama & Mik

Sophie Brador said...

Pippa, Pippa, Pippa .... or should I say, Flirtippa? You have easily three times as many girlfriends as I have boyfriends! That's what happens when your charming and handsome and live in Spain. I'm not only independent, but also progressive, and I can handle all this. But I will take you up on your offer. The first boatload of Canadian cats is on it's way.


Em said...

Hey handsome!! Congrats on the blog award, well deserved. Mollie knows what you mean about nasty mistresses, she gets spoiled next door and I have to ask them not to pander to her every whim while we're at work. She's somehow managed to train me to help with her daily (stuffed) sheep rustling though. Terriers are wily little creatures!!


Em x

Tofu Burger said...


Ooooh you are a brave doggie... my pops told me not to mess w. too many women, he said more than a handful is tooo much! lol

love your blog


Momo :) said...

Hi Pippa! I don't have any boyfriend. What is your biggest secret? :)

Momo xoxo

Gus said...

Louie and I have been taking notes, Pippa. We would love to be "two guys about town" just like you !!!

Gus & Louie

Pacco de Mongrel said...

pretty girl frens r never too many

Rockford said...

Pippa Dog! I love Pippa Dog! Let all your grrrrrlfriends get into a tiff.... But I'll never get mad at you! Kisses and Hugs, Love Mati

Ume said...

keke... Pippa, u reali ought to list your girlfrenssss at the sidebar of your blog. surely u have room for a mini GSD look-alike from Asia...

Johann The Dog said...

You can never have toooo many girlfriends, can ya? Woofs, Johann

Jackson said...

What a casanova you are! I had no idea! J x

Ferndoggle said...

Lola was going to interview you, Pippa, but I told her NO WAY. *I'm* gonna ask the questions! Here you go:

1. You say one of your favorite foods are peas. Peas??? How do you like them prepared?

2. If you could go visit one of your DWB friends, who would it be?

3. Describe your perfect day.

4. I don't know who has more girlfriends, you or Boo Casanova. Are you threatened by Boo? Do you share any girlfriends?

5. I think you look a lot like you think he might be your Dad?

Thanks for letting me interview you! ::Smoooooooch!::