Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bad fur day

I have to say I am disappointed. I know it has been Easter and all that and people are busy, but.......has the phone stopped ringing with offers for my screen début? No. It hasn't even started. I have not had one eeny weeny little offer. Nor on my comments either. Apart from Sophie La Flirtador of course. Darling beautiful Sophie. I will write about her idea another day. And equally darling and beautiful Ethel came up with a rather cute suggestion too.

For now, I am sadly disillusioned with the black and white screenworld and have returned to glorious technicolour and the things I am good at. Snoozing on my sofa, supervising mistress, howling for breakfast, toast and treats, and looking for cats.

Glaring atSupervising mistress

Showing teethies in my excitement

Treat time

And I have to console Misery. In fact not only is she a Misery, she is a miserable Misery. Her washing machine has stopped working. It is only six months old and this is the THIRD TIME it has packed up.

The man came yesterday to look at it and didn't know what to do. It was ace fun. He arrived at the door and looked terrified so naturally I wanted to jump up at him and sniff him and lick him all over. Misery held onto me and told the man to come in.

He went to look at the washing machine and lay down on the floor. Excellent, I thought, in a prime (or even prone) position for me to jump on, sniff, and generally have a good time. NO. Misery sent me to sofa. But that was good too because we played the bound-on-and-off game, and see-if-I-can-get-round-mistress-to-get-at-the-man game.

Eventually mistress got bored with those games and said in her Not To Be Argued With voice - "That's enough now Pippa. Sofa." Pooh.

On my sofa

He is meant to be coming back today so we are just sitting (her) and lying (me) around waiting for him.

This washing machine business has an impact on me naturally. It means my throws will not get washed. Now although I don't want a Pippafur-free sofa and totally clean throws, I don't want dirty ones either. So when they get too dirty even for me, I go and lie on the floor. Which is where I have been all morning.

Misery thought about taking my throws to the laundrette, but decided that wasn't a good idea. She thought they might charge a premium for throws covered in Pippafur, Pippadrool, and Pippagrollies.

Snoozing on my nice throw

Apparently yesterday was a bad hair day - I think she means bad fur day, so she is going to wash her fur to make it better. I bet the washing machine man comes while she is in the shower - heehee.

I am even going to let her post a picture of the flowers she bought to cheer herself up. What a kind thoughtful Pippadog I am.
(You see, Jake and Just Harry I am taking your advice).

Carnations, roses, gypsophila, some sort of lilies(?) and fern


Anonymous said...

oh I am really sorry you could not access the prone repair man.......

and I thought your black and white photos were just the thing.

K C x

Sophie Brador said...

Pippa! I love repairmen. We used to have a phone repairman that came three times and I really liked him. Mom said he looked just like Matt Damon, but whatever. He was just friendly to me.

I am off toast! I started eating lots of toast, with butter, and gained three whole pounds. Not good for my film career. I am now off toast, but I think about it all the time.


Ferndoggle said...

Pippa, I show my teefies like that too! Maybe we could make a warewolf movie!! Wait, I don't think that would show either of us in the proper light. I'm sure you'll get better offers.


Randi said...

Dear Darling Pippa...

I think I need a blogger repairman...I left a brilliant message concerning your silent film career from your last post & now I look today & its not there...I wonder if this has been happening a lot..hopefully it is just a fluke...I know the phone will start ringing..sometimes it takes a while for fame to happen..but you will always be the biggest star in my sky...

Also...check out my bloggy in a bit..I'm going to do a little Pippa-Promotion for your film career...

Love & Licks,

ps...I LOVE the first pic of you on this look very happy -go-lucky-Pippa-doggy like & it suits you very well.

Peanut said...

We think they need to give her a new washing machine. Oh those are pretty flowers. you are a nice pippa dog to let her put the picture up.

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

We would wuv to be able to get on the couch fur a nap! But, alas, mommy won't allow us even if we give her the big eyes! You are so lucky.
-Cosmos & Juneau-

Asta said...

I can't believe you awe not fludded with offews..If I had a studio , I would cewtainly cast you in all the male womantic leads!
smoochie kisses

Pippa, I can't chase catses, cause I don't go outside much, but my wheels can go pwetty fast, so Icould Iguess

The Army of Four said...

Maybe everyone thought that a guy as handsome as you must have all the offers you can handle already! I mean really. Because you ARE so very handsome.

Lola Smiles said...

Dear Pippa, this is the first time I visit your blog and me & my mom sure think you're handsome!

and ya know what's funny? My mom loves playing that couch game with me too. Off/On, drives her batty, and I really get into it when I see the kitties walking my fence at the back of our yard.

luv ya,
Lola smiles

Kapp pack said...

I hope you have nice clean throws soon! The pictures are lovely and I would pay a premium price for tickets to a Pippa movie!

Woo woo, KA

Sid said...

Hi Pippa and Katherine,
We got your comment about DWB news. Sadly, we're no longer adopting Jack Jack, but we are rescuing a little girl named Josie. You can read about her in Sid's last two posts and she has her own blog too (
-Sam & Sid

Lacy said...

woofies and Burf's not nos watt to fink dat da peoples has not contacted da pippalovedog fur a error in der judgement fur likies da pictur wiff ur teefies...

b safe,
Rocky and ;)angel lacylulu

COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

Hello Pippa,

We bark like crazy when a repair man comes. We are telling him like.. hey dude fix this and fix this right. But, mother ususally makes us go out in the backyard while they are here. And, that is not fun.

Zorra and Katie adored your mom's flowers saying that they were quite beeeutiful.

We hope you have a great day.

Lorenza said...

Hola Pippa!
3 times in 6 months?? That does not sound good!
Those flowers are beautiful!

Me said...

Darling Pippa,
Your statement about wanting to lick the repair man sounds a lot like a kiss. Since you don't do kisses, you must be very upset. Ask Mistress for a treat. That always cheers us up.

Tasha & Eva (via a telepathic connection to Momma who is too tired/lazy to log out of one and into another)

One of the pack said...


You are a star in our eyes in b/w, talkies and technicolor.

Maybe you need to strike out on a film making career. Here are some working titles for you.

You say on. I say off.
On today. Off today.
Loving means never having to send flowers.

Here's hoping you get to play more games tomorrow. Mom says the flowers are quite lovely.

The Forget Sit and Stay Gang

Natasha Fernz said...

hey Pippa

yes clean throws and rugs and things are important!



Hi Pippa, Sorry to hear that the silver screen gig is not working out for you, although we don't know why - being such a handsome dog it should be easy to land a leading role! We love it when people come to the door - its usually delivery people - and we try to jump all over them. Some of them get down and start patting us and saying what cute dogs we are and others totally freak out!
Thanks for letting your mum share the pretty flowers. Mum has been doing a lot of gardening these last few days!
Jazz and Dixie

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i hate strange man that came in my territory...i will bark my heart out...

Kathryn and Ari said...

What a few days you've been having! Just keep telling yourself you can flesh out future character roles based on all of this adversity: we know a Hollywood agent will sign you soon!

Gus and Louie said...

Those are some very pretty flowers. We sure hope that it worked and cheered Mom up...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Chef said...

Hola Pippa. I saw your blog and think it's perfectly cool. At least the repairman walks into your house. There was one here who didn't want to come in at all when he saw me (must be my ears). What a sissypants. I'm really a gentle, sweet doggie. Oh well. By the way, my mommy's a florist. Those unnamed flowers are indeed a kind of lily, called "alstroemaria." They give my mommy hives ! Do not touch their broken stems.

Sniff over to my blog sometime. You're most welcome.


Helios said...

I wonder why humans never allow us near visitors enough so that we can poke their butts and sniff their crotches.

Simba said...

A broken washing is no good to anyone. You look good in colour and black and white.

Simba x

DaisyMae Maus said...

I think that you should be a SUPERMODEL. That's better than movie star any day, right?

Anonymous said...

The washing machine guy sounds like fun - I think you should send him around here when he's finished at your place!!

Those flowers are beautiful :)


wally said...

How could your misery be miserable when she gets to live with YOU?

If the apes would just wise up and grow fur coats like ours they would not need washing machines.


Charlie said...

Pippa, if the phone's not ringing with offers, then it must be broken, too!
- Charlie

Anonymous said...

Hi Pippa, just read a bit about you, that was soo sweet how you found your master and mistress, your soo lucky to have each other. I bet your getting better weather where you are. Well i'm away to read more of your blog so chat soon. take care
kisses & cuddles

Jackson, Narra, & Tuchuck said...

Hello, Pippa! Sorry we haven't been around in a while--we've missed seeing your handsome face (especially Narra)! We do like you in technicolor, though the classic black-and-white accentuates your Bogie/Casablanca-ish features. :) You're forever starring in the cinema that's our dreams...


The Husky in the Window said...

Oh Pippa, my mom can sympathize with your mistress. Our washing machine broke too! It was a week before the man came and fixed it.

Your flowers are beautiful and your sofa pictures and very handsome.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Orable & Charlie said...

Pretty flowers, Pippa. Dn't worry - I always find that after a good long nap, your troubles seem to disappear!