Monday, July 30, 2007

For all our dogpals

I wanted to do a nice fun post today - and dedicate it to my pal Oscar. Because I think he might have liked that.

But mistress can't do it at the moment.

Like everyone we have been very sad that Oscar died so suddenly. He was such a handsome, lively (and big!) dog, and he and Katy were always fast off the mark to come and make friendly comments whenever we had put up a new post.

We didn't meet him straight away. We actually met at the chat pawty, and then we started visiting each other's blogs most days. Oscar and Katy were probably more diligent than we were.

This is as much of a tribute to Katy as to Oscar. Not only did she take Oscar to all his training and help him win all his awards (or maybe the other way round?), she regularly wrote an excellent blog, and on top of that, found time to visit us all.

And now we have discovered another dog has died - in totally different circumstances, but equally distressing to read about. We didn't know Prince, and we visited a few days ago for the first time when we heard he wasn't feeling too good, but were so gutted to read the sad news on his blog when we went back today.

We think the reason we all empathise so much every time we read about the death of someone's dog is that either we have been in a similar position before (once or maybe more times), or we know it is going to come to us at some point. Ten months after Prince (our GSD) died, mistress still can't think about him without doing the watery eyes routine.

So this is a post, not just for Oscar, but to reflect on all the friends we have made over the past four months while we have been blogging, and remember those dogs who we didn't have chance to get to know.

Reuben (at Bella's blog) was one of our very first friends and we were so pleased to start being dogpals; Dakota (at Five Happy Hounds) - died a few days before we started blogging, we found their blog and wanted to say hello but couldn't find the words, we so felt for their grief, but it didn't seem the right time to say hello; and then Angus at Flossy's World - we, like others in DWB, sent well wishes to him to get better - and it seemed like he'd made it, but only for a short while.

Tomorrow we will write a proper dogblog post for Oscar - and for all our other friends out there at the Rainbow Bridge, and our own dogs too, of course.


Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

your post reminded mommy all about losing her General Doggy. He was a handsome and extra special guy. Everyone he ever met loved him. And he was a great big brother to Guinness. It's so sad when our friends go away! But, then, we meet good friends like you, Pippa. And loving great guys like you is worth it all!

Blue said...

Wise words Pippa.
So, perhaps you can explain to me where this concept of the Rainbow Bridge came from... it keeps croping up... I first heard it after FuFu died, now, everyone's using it for Oscar...

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Well said, Pippa.

Lorenza said...

La mayoria de nosotros en DWB no nos conocemos personalmente pero siento que somos como una familia. Todos estamos para compartir y apoyarnos.

Tasha & Eva said...

Our Momma was having similar thoughts this weekend and had started to write a different but related post. (She had lots of time Saturday night)

Many of us have been through this and when it happens, it helps to have somewhere to go where others understand it's not "just a dog". That is part of the magic of DWB.

Tasha, Eva and their Momma

Bella said...

Good Post Pippa & thanks for remembering Reuben. It's funny mama was just thinking about him again last night.
It's good to remember to focus back on the joys we were lucky enough to share with them.

FleasGang said...

Well put Katherine. I can't even think about the day that will eventually come when I have to say good-bye to one of our gang.

The FleasGang

Johann The Dog said...

This is very sad...Mum thinks about the time for me sometimes...but sure doesn't want to think about it.

Nice post, and thank you.

Thank you too for stopping by my blog, we appreciate you voting for us too!!!


Ferndoggle said...

We're all very sad about Oscar too. He's gonna be missed by all. Even those of us who never met him.


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Thanks for caring about Oscar & us Pippa & Katherine.

Katy & Martin xxx