Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My friend Harry's story (pt 2) - and a warning

I forgot to tell you yesterday that mistress met Vicky on a Land Rover forum. More a venue for roughy-toughy, macho, sexist men (not all of them) than anything else. When Vicky told us on the forum the first time Harry was poorly, she received lots of support. And as you know from yesterday's post, he improved after that first op.

So it's one of the reasons we try to send positive thoughts and good wishes when we hear about poorly doggies. It can't do any harm, and a little moral support for humans is always helpful at a difficult time. Anyway, here is part 2.

"But 15 minutes later he returned, with bad news.

Harry’s windpipe was almost closed up with scar tissue. After telling the vet Harry’s history, it became clear that in the early days after his bowel op - while he was almost comatose - he’d probably regurgitated some stomach acid.

And being unable to cough, it had gone down his windpipe and burnt it, the scar tissue had gradually built up, almost closing his airway. The only solution now was to remove as much of the damaged windpipe as possible and re-join what was left.

This operation carried the danger that the join could scar again even when the two joined parts were healthy. In Harry’s case it wasn’t known how much was damaged and only so much could be removed.

The op went well. It hadn’t been possible to remove all the damaged windpipe, and he was on steroids and anti-biotics to reduce the chance of scarring, but the vet was hopeful. The next four weeks would be crucial.

Harry stayed with the vet for a week and then Vicky collected him, but in a few days there were more problems. He’d developed an allergic reaction to the steroids, they caused ulcers in his lower bowel which started to bleed, so he was taken off them.

Days later, he returned to check how his windpipe was healing. There was no evidence of scarring, and there was a good wide opening in the windpipe.

Vicky drove to collect him, absolutely elated with the news, but worried what else was going to go wrong. It just felt like every time something went well he was knocked back again with another problem.

But the crucial time passed, and he built up his weight and his fitness.

Three months later, the pictures (on both these two posts) show Harry on one of his favourite walks in the Cotswolds. A picture of health, Vicky's Huge Happy Hairy Harry has returned. And in Vicky's eyes he has added another H to his name - Harry the Hero."

You can read the story in the July issue of Dogs Today.

The photos and text published here are with Vicky's permission.

It's so easy for dogs to pick things up from anywhere - inside or outside your home. There are so many things for them to pick up -and swallow. We can never be too careful. Harry was a fighter, he had a loving family like many of us on DWB - and finally, luck was with him.

Vicky wanted to tell this story so that people with dogs are aware of the dangers we all face - add sweetcorn cobs to that list of things to leave alone all you pups.


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

We are so glad Harry came out healthy.

You are right, there are so many things we shouldn't get but we get into anyway. We have to depend on our humans to protect us. DWB dogs are lucky because they have humans who want to do the right thing.

Frasypoo said...

Glad that story had a happy ending !I am glad you warned us!!!
Thanks buddy

Blue said...

Hi there Pippa & Kate,

Was horrified by this story but so, so glad Harry made it through.
My 'One True Love', loved corn on the cob, he made ones life a misery whilst eating one til you gave him a husk to knor on...TY, he suffered no ill effects but will remember this tale re future puppies. The plan is still to look for a rescue one this Autumn.

Pats & best wishes

Ruby Bleu said...

That's an amazing story Pippa! I'm so glad Harry is better. How scawie that was!!! You're a good friend to let us all know about him and he truly is a HERO!!!

Lot of Licks, Ruby

Oscar Airedale said...

Phew, I'm so glad this had a happy ending. I will stop looking longingly at corn on the cob husks from now on.

Oscar x

Vicky (Harry's mum) said...

I'd just like to say thanks to Kate for putting Harry's story in Pippa's blog.
If it saves 1 dog the pain and it's owner the anguish Harry and I went through, it'll be worth it.

Kerrio said...

a) *blub*
b) Harry is one lucky lad to have such caring folks - many people would have given up on him.
c) thanks for posting the story
d) Huge snogs to Harry - form us all.

Freda said...

Thanks Pippas and Katherines for postin' that wonderfuls story of survival. Whew! I sure was hopin' there was a happys endin'.

Does Harrys have a blog? It would be cooools to bark with him.

Pippas, please barks to Katherine that my secretary has read some mores of her Itchy Feets. It is soo interestin'. He hopes to settles in and reads more next light.

I'm soo happys for Harrys.



Tasha & Eva said...

Hi Pippa! That was a great story about Harry. Scary but with a very happy ending! We see from your previous post that you are looking for a girlfriend. You don't have to choose between us. We share everything, so we have decided that we can share you, too! There is plenty of the handsome Pippa to go around! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

Bella said...

So please to hear that HHHHH survived after all that he & his family had been through and it is a good cautionary tale for all of us pet guardians to be vigilant with our pets diet & health.

Abby and Holly's Mom said...

Harry is a friend of ours and to see what Auntie Vic went through and never gave up the fight for our mate makes her a heroine in our eyes. Mom and us see Harry nearly every Thursday to go for a walk and believe us to see Harry now is such a treat. Mom went to visit him at the vets after his first op and she was very sad to see him not even acknowledge Auntie Vic's presence, it was heart wrenching. We saw Harry very recently and he is now back to being the old Harry that we know and love. All he's been through and he can still smile and not complain, but then we dogs just get on with it, don't we? Mom has read Harry's story several times, even though she knows him and still cries (although she reckons it must be a cold coming - but we know better!)Any way must go (just off for a walk with Harry the hero and Auntie Vic (our heroine)
love Abby And Holly
Please Please be careful what your dog picks up they may not be as lucky as our mate Harry.

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

Thanks for warning us and giving us a story with a happy ending.
I gave you a rockin guy blogger award go to my blog to check it out.


Oscar Airedale said...

Hey Pippa, I tagged you to play a game. Check my blog for details.

Oscar x

Ferndoggle said...

Whew! A happy ending. I'm very glad. Excellent words of warning. You can never be too careful!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa.
Thanks for sharing Harry's story with us! I am so glad he is doing well now.
I understand we should be careful with things that make us sick!
Have a nice day

Ume said...

i'm so happee to noe dat Harry made it thru! Harry is indeed a hero, n his mom a heroine for not giving up on him.
n thk u Pippa for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

As i have worked with Sir Harry,s(my name for him) mum Vicky. I saw the upset and stress that she went thru, watching her beloved Sir Harry suffering, thank god for the love and devotion Vicky showed to him,all the doctors and nurses that took care of him when he was in hospital. We now have a stress free Vicky back and she has her Happy Sir Harry back. Love Mel x