Friday, July 20, 2007

A peach of a day

Today started off very well. I left a bit of my first breakfast so that I had room to share whatever master and mistress decided to have.

Master cooked himself a rasher sandwich. These are yummy vegetarian tasties made by The Redwood Company. For some reason they have started importing their products into Spain. Perhaps they knew master and mistress lived here.

They are dearer here than in the UK, so they are A TREAT. As you know mistress is not a great lover of spending money so she rations master to his rashers or his vegi-sausages, but they are good when we are allowed them.

Next mistress finally opened her sleepy green eyes and decided she didn't want a rasher sandwich. I thought that was a shame as sharing another one wouldn't have gone amiss.

But she decided today was a fruit day. Now one of my pals told me to be careful because if I eat too much fruit I might get diabetes. It was very thoughtful to let me know, but I have to say there is little chance of that.

In fact I have to walk round stealthily stealing my fresas because Meany Mistress does not feed me them. In fact sometimes she eats them herself.

Today was peach though. And not only did mistress have peach, master decided he would have a second breakfast and had a peach too.

When he was working on my Landy today, the Friday veg man could not get his door open. So master sorted it for him. Friday veg man insisted master take a HUGE bag of peaches. Well, five peaches, but they were HUGE. So my third breakfast was peach. Isn't it a good thing I left some of those boring biscuits? or else I wouldn't have had space for two more breakfasts.

Then they went to the shops and it is too hot for me to go too, so I stayed in to dream of my girlfriends.

One of my pals - who shall remain nameless - has suggested I might have an over-ambitious number of girlfriends. I think that's what he meant. So I'm not going to write about them today.

Well, only to add Guinness to the list. But I can talk about her tomorrow.

(You're only jealous Wally)


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

We think Wally is just jealous too!

Sammy would eat ALL of his biscuits and have room for breakfast #2 and #3 because he acts like Mom is starving him. Our doctor vet says Sammy's weight is fine but Sammy disagrees.

The Husky in the Window said...

Hi Pippa. Your breakfast sounds good. Peach? Never tired it. I had bannana after lunch today and that was good. Your parents spoil you too!
Hope you enjoy your nap.

Kerrio said...


well I thought it was funny...

Snogs etc

Kerrio & co

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, you look so handsome in that last photo, no wonder you have a list of girlfriends as long as my leg!

Oscar x

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa.
3 breakfasts??? Wow! I wish I could be there with you!! For breakfast I only get boring dry kibble!!
Tell us about your girlfriends!! I like when you talk about them!
Have a nice weekend

HHHHarry said...

You make me so jealous Pippa, all those scrummy yummy things you eat, my mum makes me eat boring, boring, boring, boring veterinary diet.
I want to come and live with you, I'll share my girlfriends

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Pippa Darling! I am sooooooooo flattered to be on your list!
luv and ladylike licks,

Misty sends more slurps too!
Shiloh, he says he likes apples but has never tried peaches. Another new thing has been ricotta cheese - yummy! Peaches and ricotta would be heaven!

Chilli the Dog said...

Hiya Pippa! WoW,double WoW and triple WoW!! You had THREE breakfast!. You're one lucky guy! I wish my mummy would feed me that many breakfasts.

Don't worry too much about taking too much fruits. It shldnt give you diabetes. Cuz mummy has checked with her fren who's a V.E.T. and she says complex sugars from fruits would not give us diabetes.

So go on and enjoy those fruits :)

Wet licks

Freda said...

¡Holá Pippas!

¡My peeps love fresas! They remembers seein' fresa fields forevers when they took a motor coach ride from Albufeira to Sevilla.

All that fruit sounds yummys. I usually stay with my kibbles, meats and CHEESE. Will have to trys some though. My peeps eat lots of fresh frutas. The pluots are in seasons now. ¿Do you have pluots there?

Hey, that 'Cheezlys' stuffs from Redwood looks good. ¿Have you tried anys?

I'll have to find outs how you got that FeedBlitz rating systems and other stuffs. ¡That's cooools!

My friend, Tule, is comin' over reeeallys soons. I gotta get readys. Hope the rest of your weekends goes well.



P.S. My sec thinks he speaks Español, but he doesn't. No evens un poco.

Freda said...

Forgot to barks... My dad hopes Sergio wins the Opens.



Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

just had to come over and gaze at handsome Pippa, sigh

Love Misty

Freda said...

Hey Pippas,

Another things about Twitter, you can send privates barks betweens friends. Didn't get to bark to you about that aspects. That's nice. Can't do that with other bark boxes thingys that I know of.



Gaucho and Verdi said...

ein pippa how are you???
we fine..

we send you a big hug...

wally said...


I meant you are a slut in a good way! After all, I too have been known to be free with my love.

I *AM*, however, jealous of you for getting a PEACH! I had some--but not a whole--peach for dessert last night and I must agree. Delicious. I did not leave any of my breakfast this morning (too tasty) but perhaps I too can pilfer my own second breakfast.

wally, also a bit of a slut.

ps. I think my sissy was trying to catch you a present last night. She caught a bird. But I told her you were a vegetarian and would prefer a nice large tomato.


We were going to say that we would only be your girlfriends if Harry didn't mind but it seems he's willing to share anyway.(What some dogs will do for a bit of scrounge).So we would be honoured to be your girlfriends and we'll tell Harry what we think when we see him next. He has some real making up to do.
Love Abby and Holly

Freda said...

Forgots to bark... 'peachy keens'.