Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bye bye girlfriend, and tagged

I am sad today. One of my girlfriends - Beautiful Misty - has been adopted. I know I shouldn't be sad and I hope she has found her furever home and will be so happy as she deserves, but I don't suppose I will see her any more. Pooh. I will so miss her. You will always have a place in my heart Misty.

Well, as Guinness and Shiloh, and the Kapp Pack have both tagged me to say what sort of car I would be, I will play the game to try and raise my spirits a bit.

I need to be something slow and sleepy, but friendly, and occasionally lively - for when I see Harvey/Marmalade. And something that stands out from the crowd too, because people are always coming up and saying hello to me because I am big and furry and friendly.

So I could be my Land Rover, it's a similar colour, (without the dark bits - apart from the tyres of course, and there are darker bits in the interior), it's slow and sleepy, and very strong like me. But it doesn't go fast when it sees cats. And it is not elegant, sometimes I can look quite elegant when I have my paws poised. Even master would not say a Land Rover was elegant.

That's the most I can think of right now, but I will ask master when he comes in from work as mistress is rubbish on cars. Although she says perhaps I should be a Jaguar or a Daimler as they are very powerful and nice-looking. They have a better pedigree than me but I don't think that matters. Hmmm, I quite like that idea. Perhaps mistress is not rubbish on cars.

1967 Jaguar 420

Or a nice black and cream 1990 Daimler DS 420

Or perhaps the same totally in cream? 1990 Daimler DS 420 on eBay, latest bid at £3,601

And for my faster days, a nice sporty E-type, 3.8 coupé

Images taken from the following websites:
Gladstone Carriages (Jaguar), Elegance Wedding Cars, eBay, and Squidoo E-type Jaguar.

Edited to add: I forgot to tag some dogs. So how about the naughty Bamonster, the Barkalot Boyz, Pacco de Mongrel, and Ume.


Jackson said...

Hey Pippaluk! Please don't be too sad about Misty. I'm sure she'll be soooo happy in her new forever home. J1 is useless with cars. She doesn't even drive! J x

Jackson said...

PS Forgot the say that J1 is so delighted to keep typing "Pippaluk" especially cos she hasn't thought about the polar bear in YEARS. She's easily amused. J x

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Oh, handsome Pippa, please don't be to sad. We knew you would take the news hard. Mommy is really sad still too, but she knows Misty is teaching that Jesse dog all about everyone she met in blog land.

I like the elegant Daimlers for you. Handsome, elegant, strong and fast when necessary - just like me! I think that black & tan one fits us both perfectly. Daddy picked a truck for me! I think I should be insulted, but it is only my name he was thinking of.

Many, many ladylike kisses & snuggles from your bestest grrrlfriend, Guinness

Randi said...

Hi Pippa! I'm so sorry you are sad that Misty is going away...but be happy for her cuz she has found her furever home....maybe she'll even start a blog....& as for the cars, you are elegant, classic, very foreign looking (a good thing) & have no need to hurry..I like the older cars..they fit you quite nicely...
Have a good day, Pippa-Dear...I don't want to see you sad!
Love & Licks & even more love,

Sophie Brador said...

Pippa! I'm happy and sorry about your girlfriend, all at the same time. But more room for me in your life, right?

Blue said...

Hey there!

I'm seriously upset!
Banging my poor painful paws/wrists together in disappointment...
How come you didn't tag me?????????

Not talking to you anymore

Bama said...

Thanks for tagging us, Pippa, we're gonna have to think about what type of car each of us would be, we'll post something later today. In the meantime, please don't be sad, we all have a hunch that dear Misty will have her new humans blogging for her in no time, (at least we hope so!) Until then, maybe Mikki & I can help fill the hole she left in your heart, that's a pretty good 2 for 1 deal, but we're sure you have plenty of room in that great big heart of yours for a couple more girrrlfriends.
Bama & Mikki

Bama said...

PS. we like the Daimler for you, too. Very sexy and elegant, and the colors are perfect!

Ferndoggle said...

Such a bittersweet end for Misty. You still have other girlFriends, Pippa!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa
Don't be sad. Misty has now a lovely forever home!
I like your choices for cars. Fits you!
Have a nice day

Frasypoo said...

Hi Pippa
Dont be sad.....maybe some food will help you get over your pain!!
Snazzy cars

ToFFee said...

Hi Pippa..

you would definitely be on heck of a car.. if you are a car..

sorry to hear about Misty.. maybe you can visit her sometimes?


Simba said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. The land rover looks like fun, no good for Mummy she'd never find anywhere to park it.

Simba xx

fee said...

pippa! are you a transformer in disguise? autobots transform!

i've added you to my friends links but i'm not sure – are you a spanish sheep dog or do you just live there?

ps: i think your mistress is a keeper; those outdoors pix she took of you are quite decent.

wally said...

Well, I'm glad your girlfriend got adopted but quite a bummer for you. You should have married her but she's probably a modern woman and wouldn't have stood for being a kept lady.

That's a very difficult tag but interesting. And as for the python problem I'm with you--it's every dog and ape for themselves. Though I might trip the apes to give myself a head start.



Hi Pippa, Sorry to hear about your girlfriend moving away but looking on the brighter side its great that she has a chance to be with a family too. Nice choice of cars, mum likes the LandRover.
Jazz and Dixie

Balboa & Mommy said...

I know you're gonna miss Misty, but I'm so happy she has found a loving forever home, if only every dog had a loving home.

My grandpa loves cars, if he saw all those pics he just might drool

Frenchie Snorts

Ume said...

hi Pippa,
maybe Misty would have her own bloggie?
i can so see u as the black & cream Daimler. i'll be thinking hard for this tag... my hooman is probably the one who's rubbish on cars... she can't drive too.

Bama said...

Hi Pippa ;)~
We always play rough, but nobody ever really gets hurt, it looks lots worse than it is, but us girls will be gentle with you. We've tagged you for a new game we came up with, tell us all the nicknames your humans have for you.
Bama & Mik

Randi said...

Hello again, Handsome Pippadog,

I left something on my blog for you..I hope it makes you smile!

Love & Licks,