Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My darling girlfriends

Some time ago, Randi asked me to write about my girlfriends. But mistress was only on line at the weekends. And then when she got connected during the week I had to play lots of tag games.

So now I will write about them. There have been a few changes and I think an update is a good idea.

Here is the first post I wrote about my girlfriends. And here is an update when I added a few more girlfriends to the list.

But if you can't be bothered to read through all those, I will do you a mini-summary. Tall elegant hyperactive Ethel, who chases tennis balls. I think she was my very first girlfriend, although she has a lot of admirers.

Then I fell in love with Sophie La Flirtador. And I thought she was going to swim across the seas to come and visit me (she is a very good swimmer), then I realised she was a tease. But a beautiful one. So I still love her.

Apparently Cleo, another lovely lab, likes nice gentle dogs like me. I've never asked her because I thought she was too serious for boyfriends. She is very nice though. And not like La Flirtador.

I wanted a German Shepherd girlfriend too. But Freda loves Charlie the Big Dog and she is going steady with him. And Flossy doesn't get to blog much these days.

But then I met Guinness and she offered to be my girlfriend, so I got myself a beautiful GSD girlfriend after all. And at the time, fostered Misty was living with her. Now Misty's (hopefully) found her furever home but I miss her soooo much.

Guinness was going to get a new foster friend called Kashka but she might already have found a home. I was just getting excited about another new girlfriend too. I don't think I am going to have any more foster girlfriends because I get too upset when they leave.

And I've got my Belgian shepherd friends too - Tasha and Eva - they wrote a really nice post about being my girlfriends.

The oldest and most blue-blooded dog I know - Megan - kindly said I could go and rub furs together. But I think she really adores Finnegan. Not me.

I was a bit surprised when Penny agreed to be a girlfriend, but very pleased. Although I was a bit worried when her and Ethel decided to be BFFF as I thought they might spend some time gossiping about me. Perhaps they do. Anyway I think she is gorgeous, even though I think I come well behind Peanut in the favourite stakes. And even naughty little (?) Lola once said she loved me. I think I am a bit old and sleepy for Lola who is young and very capricious. Hey, but who would say no if she likes sleepy older dogs?

And back on the husky track - and the naughty younger dog track - there is MayaMarie (the husky in the window), who always entertains me with her naughty antics. I think her and Lola together would be a bit of a handful. Perhaps instead, I should be aiming for Missy, who lives with MayaMarie.

Another beautiful furry husky (Queen) Kelsey (Ann) asked if I was interested in another girlfriend. Well, of course. She is lovely. Although I think she likes to be in charge. But do I care? No. What girlfriend isn't in charge?

So I need to finish by talking about Randi - who asked me to write this post. A black lab/newf mix. I love her because she is black and she has una alma tan bonita. I told her she was black and reminded me of Ethel, but I love her in her own right and not because she looks like Ethel - she doesn't really (unlike MaxDex, who looks very much like Ethel, but obviously I don't love him). And her brother Dublin died not long ago, and I know how she feels because I still miss Princey. So I hope we are pals as well.

No, I haven't finished yet because I haven't mentioned Bella, Lorenza, and Roxie. I can't possibly miss them out. First I mentioned them as three wonderful mates that I met very early on DWB, but I thought they all had lots of boyfriends (even more than Sophie). Then they got sulky and wanted to know why I hadn't said they were my girlfriends. So I said that would be fine too. Then I don't hear any more. Girlfriends - what are they like? Temperamental or what? Except then Bella said that her and Kuki would be my girlfriends. So that was good.

How could I possibly forget Mati? I have too many girlfriends. I can't remember them all. Mistress was right. Mati is adorable and she looks after her bro Rocky who has been a bit crook recently. I knew I had missed a beauty off the list. I am very sorry Mati because I do love you. Very much.

And now I think about it, Amber from the Army of Four asked if I was doing auditions. Now, I know I am a nice dog, but I don't think I have the cheek to ask for auditions. But yes, Amber, you've already passed. I would be happy if you were my girlfriend.

Normally when I do paws with master I count to five. Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco. Sometimes we count to diez. But not to veinte, or mas.

Anyway Misery forgot to give me extra toast rations today. Horrible mistress. But she has bought me a fine new washing machine because the old one from her mum's was rubbish, and I like to have nice clean throws. Only the other day I decided it was too dirty so I went to lay on the floor instead of the sofa. What a hard life I have.


The Husky in the Window said...

Oh Pippa, you are something else. All these girlfriends. I would really keep you busy, no time for naps. Missy though, she loves her naps.
Hope you got your toasties this morning.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Misty will ALWAYS be your grrlfriend darling, do not worry. Guinness will too


Shiloh will be a good buddy and audition his own band of the younger, more active grrls and take them off of your paws

Kapp pack said...

Wow, I didn't know I had so much competition! And yes, I am the lead dog here....thanks for remembering me and adding me to your girlfriend list. How are you keeping all of your dates straight?

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Lorenza said...

Hola Pippa
Yo conte mas de diez!!! Creo que eres mas Cassanova que Boo!!!
Claro que no importa.... pues tu eres adorable!

Simba said...

Thats a lot of girlfriends. I think you have more then Boo.

Simba x

Bella said...

Sure sounds like you are doing well on the girlfriend front !!
And I have great news.
Honey found out that Kuki & I are your girlfriends and she wants to be too !! So add one more to the list :)

fee said...

pippa! if you were on your deathbed *touch wood!!!* and have to hold your girlfriends' hands one by one to bid them a bittersweet farewell, you'll never get to die! move over, boo casanova, hello pippa casanova!

wally said...

Whoa, you are one busy dude. I couldn't even remember that many ladies, let alone romance 'em all.


ps. I taught my sissy to sing (seriously) so I could probably teach you. But if not, you can just bop your head to the beat.

Frasier said...

Good grief Pippa,
Thats a lot of women.......you claim to be an older dog but you have all the women flocking to you!!

Balboa & Mommy said...

YOu a player dude, I love it!!!!!!!!!

Frenchie SNorts

Ferndoggle said...

Pippa, you have a girlfriend for every day of the year! It's all love between Ethel & I...no worries. Yes, Peanut is my boyfriend in the States but there's nothing wrong with a little international romance!!


ROSSI said...

Oh Pippa.. i think u r more like getting into trouble.. u will makes us all guys jealous... especially our Boo self declared the casanova.. hahahaa..

oh yes.. thanks for dropping by my blog and by contributing our new adopted member Hercules news to DWB news! big big thanks!!


Charlie said...

When do you have time to sleep, Pippa!? That's a LOT of girlfriends!!
- Charlie

Johann The Dog said...

Soooo many girlfriends, soooo little time, BOL!!! You are too funny! Woofs, Johann

Tasha & Eva said...

Hi Pippa! My, oh, my what a long list of girlfriends! We are just happy to be on the list. You deserve as many girlfriends as you can get, you handsome pup! We like all of your nick names except the "monkey" ones. That doesn't seem to fit. Hope you're having a good weekend! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Jackson said...

Hey Pips, how do you manage to keep up with sooooooo many girlfriends? I never realised that you were so pupular! J x

Sophie Brador said...

Pippa, you are far more busy with girls than you ever let on. I had no idea how you've been playing the field. You're a busy, busy boy, and dare I say, a flirtador yourself.

Ah yes. I leave you with this thought ... about me, of course. A tease or a strong, independent woman dog? Hmmmmmm.

Bama said...

Mine and Mikki's hearts are breaking, you didn't mention either one of us! We know you've got lots of grrrlfriends, after all you are the handsomest, but how could you forget us?? And so soon?? Guess we'll have to go audition for Shiloh since he likes us younger grrrls....either that or your humans need to get you a little black book to keep all your conquests straight!
Heartbroken in FL, USA
Bama & Mik

Bama said...

Don't worry, Pippa dear, we know it must be really hard to keep up with all your female admirers, we understand, and would never consider not being included in that illustrious group! I do have to admit to flirting just a bit with Amici, Juneau, & Maddox, just cause they're all so close to my own age, and SO darn cute. But you're still our #1 boy!
Luv & Manykisses,
Bama & Mik

MaxDex said...

How come you don't love me?!!??!