Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Award, poorly mistress, and biccies

Hello everydog. Look my friends Jazz and Dixie have given me a nice award. Thanks Jazz and Dixie. I know lots of you have already got it, but I would like to give it to Freda, Jackson, Marvin, Simba, Blogs from The Dogs, and the Kapp Pack. I've added a few pals in case some of you have already got it but I might have missed reading about it.

"This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun."

Hehe, I like that. I am having fun.

And on the subject of interaction, I must write about this kitty again. Do you know what my pal Rocky said? That my K9 friends will make fun of me for asking for a kitty. That's not fair Rocky, I did say I wanted it so I could CHASE it round the flat. I don't think I have become a kittyphile.

It can't be for master and mistress either. They don't want a kitty. They seem to think I am enough of a handful as it is. So in answer to Jazz and Dixie asking what master and mistress thought - well they weren't impressed with the kitty request (although they would like the boat).

River and Jackson asked why I wanted one too. So let's be clear on this one. I am NOT going soft on cats. Oh no. I didn't spend months on the streets with the little terrors trying to steal my scavenged food to suddenly be pals with them. I just thought it would be fun to have one to distract me when mistress is busy typing away. We could bound all round the furniture without touching the floor - you know the game. Enough of silly old cats. Bored with them now. If Santa is still listening I think the boat might be the best bet.

Other news. Mistress is poorly. She spends half her time in bed ie even more than normal, and the rest of the time she is dripping around looking sorry for herself speaking with a wheezy voice (no she doesn't smoke), coughing, sneezing, and generally making silly noises.

She can't even manage to take a picture of me on the sofa. By the time she had picked up her camera I had bounded off the sofa and gone to hide. Quick as a flash me. Well, quicker than her flash.

Hehe - can't see me now

But the good thing is that she was soooo poorly that master forbade her to go back to my finca in Spain at the weekend to feed and water the chickens and the garden. (She always leaves extra food and water for the chucks in case she can't get back for whatever reason). He said she was too sick and she would wear herself out and not eat properly blahk blahk.

Well, I was a bit worried about this because master and I bond nicely at the weekends together. However, there were some good things came out of it. When master went to the shops I was not on my own, I had rubbish mistress with me. And because mistress was home, master didn't bother going to see his mates. So I had all my pack around me for two whole days.

Best of all was that mistress decided she wanted pizza on Friday. So master got two pizzas, and on Saturday morning there was a whole piece for me from master's pizza, and a share of mistress's pizza. She ate the bits with the chillies on and gave me the rest. Normally I only get one piece, so this time I got at least one and half. And a few tasties on Friday night when they were eating theirs. That was a good result.

I have some new dog biscuits too. I like them lots. They do not have chemical preservatives which mistress says is A GOOD THING. I think they are good things too - I keep going into the room to look at my sack in the hopes someone will realise I want some more. Mistress is going to buy me some tasty snacks as well next time she orders them. I think I am getting her trained a bit better these days.

Yummy new biccies

Yawn - boring old photos


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh Pippa, I am so so sorry to hear about Mistress not being too well.

Give her some healing licks from me won't you?

And thank you so much for the award you gave me, you are really kind!

Although I am a black dog - I am blushing so much I have turned pink!

Love and licks, Your friend, Marvin in Scotland xxxxxx

pee ess your new food looks good, not sure if we have seen that one here in Scotland. I am on kibble made by James Wellbeloved....(funny name eh?)it too, has little preservatives or rubbish (I have a weak stomach apparently!) and it is "ahem" .....well beloved by me!

Boom! Boom!

Freda said...

Thanks, Pippas, for the cooools BTB awards. I've got to gets ∆≈ to pick it ups an move it to my place. He soo slows doin' stuffs like that. He still has 1,2 1,2 three other badges to adds to my place but he gets distracted with that littles brains he's got. Mum says he has just 1,2 1,2 one cells up theres. I think she rights. Thanks agains.

More importantlys, I hopes your mum is feelin' betters soon. My peeps BOTH had a colds, well, each had 1,2 1,2 ones. They are just gettin' overs them. It's been 1,2 1,2 2 1/2 weeks. Hope your mum gets better fasters. But if she stays sicks then you get more pizza. Hmmm... No, she betters get well. Those eggers might be gettin' hungrys.

You new biccies bag looks cooools. WAITS! There's not a vegetarian doggies in there, is theres? Arf Arfs!

All the bests takin' cares of your mum.



Frasier said...

Hi Pips,
Do what I did...get a blogging kitty friend !!
My mother has been very lazy about following up on DWB news and did not submit my list and I think the date is up!

Randi said...

Dear Darling Pippa....I'm still at camp..but as you know, I'm such a good girl that they allow me lots of blogging privlidges....I'm so sorry that mistress is not feeling her well self..I hope your health, or your feeding rations or any the oogles of attention you need are not comprised in any way by her not feeling well...priorities first & Pippadog IS the priority. Your new food looks yummy & I don't think I've ever had pizza...that must change when I get home. I miss you Pippa & hope you are faring well with a sick mistress...

Love & Licks,

ps..I think the fact that you want a kitty is sweet..shows that you are very tolerate of things not of our species...besides...a good kitty chase is very fun.

Harry said...

Poor mistress. I hope she's feeling much better very soon!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Kerrio said...

Oooo Pippa - if you mistress is ill does that mean we will get more Pippa-pics?

Thanks for the award, it's really cool!

Snogs from the dogs
Kerrio & co

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Pippa...
Congrats on the award!!!! well deserved. I hope your mistress gets better soon...are you getting enough toast with her being poorly? Oh and the kitty thing, well, if it is just for chasing I guess it is ok and could be fun.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Tasha & Eva said...

Pippa (notice we did not say Darling Pippa),
1st- Poor mistress. We hate it when our Momma doesn't feel well. We don't get to give her as many kisses when she is sick.
2nd (and the reason we did not call you darling Pippa)- when you commented that we post about treats alot, were you implying that we're fat? We are NOT fat, just fluffy.


Kapp pack said...

Thanks for the award. We have a Pippa tribute blog coming up in the near future....maybe early next week.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Charlie said...

Pippa, frankly I think you should re-reconsider the whole cat thing. They really are a lot of fun. In addition to chasing them around, you can push your nose into places they don't like and then sometimes they hiss. It's really kind of fun. Much better than a boat.
- Charlie

Momo :) said...

Congrats on the award, Pippa!!! Everybody knows you deserve this! :) Is your mistress doing ok? Can I give her more toast?? :)

Momo xoxo

pee ess: i'll be a big sissy next week. Can you belive it?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa
We wish your Mistress feels better soon! Take care of her!
Of course you deserve this award!

Simba said...

Congratulations on your award. I hope your mistress is feeling better soon.

Simba xx

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Darling handsome botfrrrnd, Pippa. We have given you an award too! and tagged you for a meme. Maybe you will say something romantic in Spanish? Love, Guinness & Cheyenne

Kiss you mistress and she will feel better soon.

Sophie Brador said...

Pippa! I can hardly believe that you forgot to dream about a girlfriend. You must be too worried about mistress to be dreaming. I sure hope she's better soon. Maybe you should share your organice biccies with her.



Hi Pippa,
Youre welcome. We like to read your blog and check out all the great pics. We hope that your mum gets better very soon.
Jazz and Dixie

Momo :) said...

Hi Pippa, I hope your mistress is feeling better. Please say thank you for including my happy news on DWB news to her!!

Momo xoxo

Ginger said...

Hi Pippa!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm pleased to meet you!! I think having a kitty would be great - fun to play with and they probably taste good too!!

I see that you employ the same camera tactic that I do - if I can't see the camera, the camera can't see me!

Hope your mistress feels better soon. Make sure you give her lots of licks - that's the BEST medicine!

Bark at you later!

Nubbin wags,

Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Hello, Pippa! Sorry to hear about Mistress--we hope she feels better soon. Sounds like you've got the situation well under control, though. BTW, we like the idea of a boat, will you sail the seven seas?


Helios said...

Hope your mistress gets well soon. And I think it's cool to have a kitty friend! I've been trying to make a kitty friend for so long but they all hiss at me. :(

Jackson said...

Hey Pips, congrats on the award and thanks for passing it onto moi! Sorry to hear that Mistress is unwell. Is she leaving lots of tissues lying around for you to chew on? Crusty-human-nose-juice tissues are the best! That sack of dog biscuits is HUGE. Need anydog to pop over and share it with you? J x

wally said...

So sorry to hear about your poorly mistress but you are looking well. Congrats on the award.

Your veg food looks appealing. I could feed that to my ma ape.