Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Top Tips

I wanted to pass on a few food tips to you all. I think it's important that we all share our expertise on maximising the available food potential. (I am practising my management-barks again.) I think what I really mean is that we need to cram as much food down our necks as possible.

So, moving swiftly on to Tip Number One.
When mistress or master are sitting in the chair eating tasty toasties or whatever, make sure you drool all over their legs, or their clothes. Don't aim for the floor as it will have no effect, certainly doesn't with my two anyway. But they don't want slobbery drool all over their legs or their nice clean trousers. So they will give you toasties to stop you drooling for at least a few seconds.

And while you are at it, always get as close as possible for maximum intimidation. About a centimetre away from the food is good - so that they know, if you chose, you could gobble the whole lot at one go. Then they feel guilty, knowing how well-behaved you are, and give you even more toasties. Either that or they worry you are actually going to drool all over their food. Hehe.

Tip Number Two.
I discovered this one the other day. I was quite proud of myself. Mistress was making tomato and mushroom sauce for the pasta. She had got some nice yummy organic food, so I was busy supervising. Well naturally she got distracted (she has the concentration span of a brain-dead butterfly, no offence to butterflies intended) and promptly dropped a tomato on the floor. Helpfully, I picked it up and carefully took it over to my sofa. Mistress and master were still yacking about nothing in particular, so I put my tomato between my paws and looked at it admiringly, prior to eating it.

Whereupon, master said: "What has Pippa got between his paws? Take it from him." Which she did. Then he said: "Now give him a piece of cheese for being so good and leaving it." Which she also did. Wasn't that clever? Because naturally I got the tomato the next day with my breakfast, they weren't going to eat it once I had carefully carried it in my mouth. I got my original prize and extras as well. Yummy scrummy.

Tip Number Three.
Now I have to confess this is the one I haven't quite perfected - but it does have potential. This is the Snose Butt. When the brain-dead butterfly, I mean mistress, is walking across the room with her toast, or OUR breakfast or whatever else is on her plate, leap up, butt the said plate with your snose - and it all falls on the floor. And then you can either eat it there and then, or follow the above Tip Number Two technique if you wish to get even more goodies from mistress.

Anyway, my first attempt nearly worked, the plate dipped at a perilous angle, and the food was just about to start sliding off onto the floor when mistress came out of her reverie and acted far faster than normal to quickly level the plate back up.

So I would be interested to know if any pups out there have actually managed this one. Since I tried it the other day she has kept an unusually beady eye on me, so I will have to wait a few days until she forgets about it as I'm sure she will.

I hope those are helpful tips for you all.

Misery read on some pup's blog, apols - we (ie she) can't remember which one, about write-a-novel-in-November, so she is busy whacking out 2000 words a day at the moment. I've told her she has NOT to neglect my blog though.

Anyway I've got my thinking cap on too, so it's helpful if she has something to keep her occupied. I have to think of five questions for the beautiful Amber over at Army of Four. I don't want her to think I am stupid or only ever think of toast and cats, so I am trying to think of something thoughtful and insightful to ask her.

And on the subject of girlfriends, we did a count and it was somewhere around the 25 mark. Now I don't think that is too many, so I did notice that Lacy Lulu said she was looking for a boyfriend, although she is a bit apprehensive about big dogs - but I am so nice and kind with little dogs, especially girls. And Johann the Dog said I might like his sis Gracie, well I do, I have seen her on his blog, I don't know why you said you were kidding. She is nice - has she got a boyfriend? Does she like me?

Anyway, today, I am going to dream of Mati, Rocky's sis. She is a lovely dog because she looks after Rocky (who is one handsome GSD - I am surprised he hasn't got a million girlfriends), and she eats toast - wheat and rye - a girlfriend with seriously cool taste and class.

I'll leave you with more pix from last night's walk.



Always best to stay close as possible to master

Back through the archway on the homeward run


Blue said...

Love the tips - will remember them if I visit!!!

Have finally got around to doing BOTH your interview questions...
Posted tonight.

Love & pats

Frasier said...

Hi Pippa,
I sit under the cook top so that any food that falls will do so ....into my waiting mouth.But then you end up eating hot sausage and burning your mouth!

Kerrio said...

I think the tomatoe ad cheese hint takes the biscuit, or is it the cheese?


dog lover said...

Hi PippaDoggy!

I wanted to tell you about my best friend's dog, Colleen! She was a former stray like you and very smart as well! She used to wait until we were seated at the table, then come and put her cute little face in the little space between our arm & body and then she would wait there looking cute until we speared something tasty with our fork and then use her nose to move our elbow so that the tasty food and fork would fall on the floor! What a smart doggy!

Keep up the great blog entries!


Dog Lover

Kapp pack said...

THose were some great tips. Keep trying the plate thing...I'm sure you will be successful eventually.

WOo woo, Kelsey Ann
(I admire persistence)

Kapp pack said...

THose were some great tips. Keep trying the plate thing...I'm sure you will be successful eventually.

WOo woo, Kelsey Ann
(I admire persistence)

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa
Thanks for the tips. Sure I will use them with my mom!
What I do when she is at the table is to sit really close to her and try to hypnotize her to give me some of her food! It works!... sometimes!
Have a good night

Randi said...

Oh Pippa! You are soooo smart & clever to give us all those tips on food foraging...any luck with just opening up the fridge when mistress isn't looking?

Love & Licks,

ps..when are you going to dream of me?

Harry said...

Excellent tips Pippa. Ma and pa run a tight ship here though, so even if I follow them to the letter, I'm not sure I'll succeed, sigh.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

ChaChi Lu said...

Oh Pippa,

You are so handsome! I love the late night walks pictures.

I am so amused by your tips. The only problem I see is that I can't carry a tomato (unless it is a cherry tomato) and even if I jumped as high as possible, my snose would NEVER touch the plate. Oh well, maybe someday I will grow big. You are my hero!

ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Jake of Florida said...


This is what I, Jake, do to get fed: after Dogdad leaves for work in the morning, Mom likes to read the paper before she too walks into her office. I approach and sit down, staring intently at her. Sooner or later, she notices that someone is staring at her -- you know how that is -- and looks at me. Then I lick my chops and look absolutely adorable when I do so. 99% of the time she gets up and gives us our breakfast. (Just Harry then just scoots into his dining parlor, the beneficiary of my proactive approach!!)

The other 1% of the time, I whack the paper out of her hand with my paw -- and off she goes to feed us. Nothing like a well-trained mistress, eh?

When it comes to treats, we sit on either side of whoever is preparing lunch or dinner and wait for the inevitable. If the wait is too long, we try the bump parental leg approach.

Thank you for your cat comment -- we were just trying to walk the fine line between family peace and terrier instincts!!


Jake and Just Harry

Randi said...

Good morning, Darling Pippa -

Just wanted you to know I gave you a little shout out on my bloggy today...everyone could use a little more education on the art of begging...

Love & Licks,

Simba said...

What great tips. I will print them out and learn them by heart.

Simba xx

The Army of Four said...

Pippa: That second tip was INSPIRED! Really sage advice; thanks for sharing it!
Am said to take your time with the questions. She shares similar interests with you, I'm sure... though we've never had toast. When our great-sisters vacationed in France with mom and dad they conned the room service ladies into hand-feeding them buttered croissants. They were TRULY gifted, talented Siberians!
Anyroo - thanks for the tips. Maybe we'll get toast now. Or buttered croissants!
Tail wags,

Ferndoggle said...

Dude, those are excellent tips! I'm always looking for ways to score yummies from the Mommy.

25 girlfriends, huh? I only have one. What's wrong with this picture?


Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Excellent pictures of my handsome boyfrrrrnd and excellent tips for getting yummy treats!

Eddie N Peaches said...

Thank you for your kind scent-iments on the loss of Miss Cass. Our DWB frens are de bestest.
Whoofs, Baroos, & Love,
Eddie, Peaches, Bella & Lady


Hi Pippa,
Thanks for the tips. We will add them to our repitoire! We beagles are always looking for new ways to score food so this post is very helpful for us.
Jazz and Dixie

Sophie Brador said...

Pippa, Excellent suggestions. I have never tried the Snose move. I think my butterfly would be very unhappy with me. I never got any food at all --- at all!!! ---- until I was about 6 years old. Now she gives me lots of extra treats. I have no idea what I did to deserve it. I guess getting older has it's benefits, although my butterfly doesn't seem to benefit at all from aging. Clearly, it is better to be a dog.


Butchy & Snickers said...

Good tips Pippa! We like to ALMOST drool and that seems to work for us. Mama's previous dogs were German Shorthair Pointers & if Mama even made a piece of toast, the dogs would sit & have drool running down to the floor, big puddles of it, ewwwweeee.
Mama's glad we don't drool like that, tee hee.
Have a great weekend!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Bella said...

Hi Pippa,
it's been a while & so nice to be back & reading your blog.
Tips - 1 is hard for me as for some reason a don't drool
2 - is really clever I must try that, I like the idea of 'double' treats
3 - is hard for me too I try really hard to jump up & knock the plate but I just can't reach - I can however do a few manouvers around the feet to try & dislodge food :)

Momo :) said...

Pippa, I always have so much to learn from you!

Momo xoxo

Jackson said...

Hey Pippaluk, I'm kind of envious of your many techniques. I only have one. Look cute and then start barking if I don't get anything. Usually works. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm getting enough toast though. J1 only has it about once a week. Do you think that's enough, or should it be everyday?