Thursday, November 15, 2007

Letter to Santa

Look here is another silly paws crossed photo. Master and I are crossing our paws together. First I am the headless wonder dog and now all you get is paw pix, or poor pics?

Today they are crossed for Thrawn at Five Happy Hounds because he had another seizure. He has not had one for a while, so we hope he has come out of this one very fast.

Which brings me onto, my list to Santa, and the competition organised by Five Happy Hounds. I've been scratching my head and having a think about it. we go.

Dear Santa

I didn't know there was a Santa Claus or that doggies got presents at Christmas. I found master and mistress in January and I had been on the street over Christmas so there was no Santa there.

When I moved into the house with them we used to get nice toys all year round when Princey was with me because he liked them and always claimed them all, but I am not a consumerdog so I don't really care. I have a ball and a chewie thingie so that will do me. (They were Princey's anyway).

But Santa, do you know what I would really, really like? No, not a toaster, I have one of those and I have written about it lots of times. (You might want to think about giving one to other dogs though, I must say I recommend it).

Anyway I digress. I would like my very own kitty. Yes. I think that would be so good. Then I would be able to chase it round the flat all day until I got bored. We will need some rules of course. Kitty does NOT come on MY sofa, eat my toast, or invade my blog. Kitty will need to be good and not harass me, basically keep out of my face until I want to play. I think this is rather a thoughtful request because I might even not bother trying to chase the ones in the street if I have my own kitty.

I don't want it too small either. Just sort of young and friendly (not nasty and scratchy) and respectful enough to me as Top Dog. Please don't buy one. I would like you to rescue it from somewhere. Perhaps if you got it from the street like me, we could swop stories when I don't feel like playing chase.

Now, what else do I want? A boat would be nice. Then I could be Skipper Pippa, or Pippa the Skipper. I would already have my ship's cat wouldn't I?

I like going driving in my Landy so much that a boat would be very cool. Master and mistress can drive it and I can just stand on the bow, or the stern, until I get tired. Then I can have a snooze while I am being piloted around.

And as we live by the sea, the marina is only a few minutes walk away, it wouldn't take us long to go out for a jaunt. And like the kitty, we don't need a flash new one, just something small and second hand to go out in the bay. That's if master and mistress can learn to avoid all the oil tankers coming into the refinery.

Now because I have tried to be economical - I would like one indulgence. This is a world cruise ticket to go and see all my girlfriends (and my mates as well of course). And I don't want some slummy steerage compartment either. I'm not bothered about dining with the captain because I don't like dressing up, and he probably won't get his food down his neck as fast as me. So a nice cabin with a window and a sofa will be just great. Oh, and I might need a bed in my cabin, in case master or mistress decide to tag along and chaperone me.

This next one isn't strictly for me. But I think mistress does need a new camera so she can take action shots of me. Of course, that then suggests that I may need to be active. Perhaps not Santa - shall we stick to the boat, the kitty, and the cruise ticket?

Do you do stockings as well? If so, I would like mine filled with buttered toast, curry with lots of biryani rice, peas (not had any for ages), tomatoes, and cheese. Pizza is good as well, and not remotely messy although you would have to cut it up to get it in my stocking.

I think that's it thank you very much Santa. I might even give you a kiss.

Love from Pippa

And today - I am dreaming about beautiful Guinness and Cheyenne over at The Stoutino Inn and Foster Kennel. With a bit of a sneaky dream for Misty too. Siempre en mi corazon, guapa.


The Army of Four said...

Oh, wow. I want my own cat, too! There's this orange guy I see sometimes on our runs in the morning - he's either homeless or his people don't take good care of him (I mean, he's out roaming around where a coyote could get him!), so Santa could bring me him, if he'd like. I could stare at him and maybe we could chase each other around and stuff. It would be so cool!
Play bows,

Kerrio said...

This is, a completely, utterly, fabulously wonderful post.

And funny to boot!

LOVE it!

Harry said...

I could give you a time sare of Flakes the cat if you like? She lets you share her dinners (but then she does try and share your too...

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Sophie Brador said...

Pippa, Your master has lovely, narrow feet, just like you. But he doesn't have as much fur. If you get that boat, will you come to Canada? If you get that kitty, I may not be able to come visit you. I tend to pick them up and then they get mad.


Randi said...

Oh Dear, Darling Pippa - are we over our tiff? Have you really forgiven me? I just couldn't bear the thought of you being is very unlike Pippadog, but I know I needed a bit of stern talking to...

I love your letter to Santa..but what I love even more is the pic of you scratching your ears with your front legs tucked under...amazing flexiblilty can do all that at once...again, I am in awe of darling Pippadog...

Love & Licks,

ps..if you get a kitty, what are you going to name it?

pps...if you come to see me, I'll make you buttered toast all day long so you aren't homesick...

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

ooooh that is an excellent and very funny list Pippa!

My Jeannie needs a better camera, the one she has now the shutter speed is too slow and she always misses the best action pics!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

Kapp pack said...

Great list for Santa. I think I would like a kitty cat too..... :-)

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Lacy said...

woofies Pippa!!!! me sis, sassy cat iz bout to have little kittys, me will send ya one of dose....dat wuz a grate letter to Santa, me likies urs better dan mine...did u and mama gets my email, me sent yesterday or day b4...i not putted a subject in der so it might notta sent it...

b safe,

pp's the email wuz sent to the dwb news thingy...

The Brat Pack said...

Hi Friend!

Thank you so much for crossing your paws for Thrawn. He's sleeping right now, I think the meds finally kicked in.

We looooove your Santa letter! We added it to the Letter to Santa Blog along with your cute face!

Love ya lots,
PS Give your Mom kisses for us.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa
Great list!
I am not so sure about the kind of kittie you want. I think they don't work in that way!
Have a good night

Freda said...

Hey Pippas,

Parts of your Santa letters sounds kinda like ∆≈'s, the boat and stuffs.

As for the c-a-t. Not for me. I lived with 1,2 1,2 two c-a-t-s for 1,2 1,2 five months and THEY CHASED ME! So NO C-A-T-S!

Yea, we do the stockin' thingy, sometimes. We put them ups 6 Dec, which is St. Nicholas Day. See We put our letters to Santas in them then the elves come to my house and get the letters. (So they know what I wants.) If I've been goods, I get all kinds of goodies in my stockin'. YEAHS!! If I've been bads, I get coals and turnips and stuffs. BOOooo! I don't know if we'll do it this years. Mum is havin' eye surgerys a little befores St. Nick's Day and ∆≈ will be tryin' to take cares of me, Mum and the house. That will be a big Arfs!

You want a boats. I want a boats. ∆≈ wants a boats. Santa better be buildin' fast.

Have you downloaded the Delta-Widget yets? Let me knows if it works.

That toasts sounds good. I'm hungrys.



Sent from my iMac

Simba said...

Your very own Kitty, hours and hours of fun. Well ten minutes until you actually got hold of it and found out what it was made of.

Simba xx

Tasha & Eva said...

Very good letter to Santa. A kitty would be the perfect companion for you, as long as it didn't cut into your toast rations! And with a boat you could come see us by sailing through the St Lawrence Seaway, through the Great Lakes to Duluth, Minnesota where we could meet you! That would be wonderful. To answer your question about the snow, no we don't have any yet, but we are hopeful for some in the very near future. The temperatures have been between -5 degrees C at night and +5 degrees C in the daytime. We like it this way. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Lacy said...

woofies Pippa, no me not toldeded the brat pack nos dey worried verwy much bout Thrawn, so me thot me wood wait till today or tomorrow..and i will email u again..

b safe,

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

oh, darling Pippa - thank you so much for dreaming of us. We're sure dreaming of you - Misty is too, we know.

We love you letter to Santa and you have inspired us to think about writing our own very soon.

You must love your master very much to cross paws with him like that ;) We love all of your sweet pictures

Johann The Dog said...

A kitty! We have to say that could be real fun, we kind of like our kittie brothers, they sure give a good chase! Great letter, woofs Johann

Rockford said...

Great list with the exception of the kitty. Come on Pippa! Aren't you afraid all your K9 friends will make fun of you?? Maybe the cat can be for Mistress and Master? Then you can chase it around!! Good luck with Santa! Love Rock

River said...

Hey Pippa I loved your letter to Santa - though I'm still trying to figure out why you want a kitty!!


PerfectTosca said...

I have several cats for loan! Just let me know. I got all colors!

I just came from Jackson's place and he told me this is the place to come for getting a toast presecription. I need one of these bad. The woman rarely gives me enough toast to fill a Collie's cavity if you get my drift, so I need the prescription. If you could make it twice a day, that would be great.

Jackson said...

Hey Pippa, I think your letter to Santa Paws is fairly modest, although why anydog would want a kitty I don't know!

Thanks for your thoughtful suggestion of finding a toast-loving vet to get a second opinion. Maybe I should just forge a prescription and hope that J1 doesn't notice? J x

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...


That is a wonderful letter to Santa! We hope you get everything.

Once you get your cruise ship, we hope you aren't tired of traveling by the time to get to visit with us! Roxie wants to show you off even though she knows she may run into others of your girlfriends.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Frasier said...

I would put that biryani in my mommys stockings,its the stuff that she dreams about!!!
I made my list too!

The Husky in the Window said...

You sure have a list for Santa. Wow! And your very own kitty too!
You are tooo much
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

ChaChi Lu said...


You are so thoughtful and I hope you get a kitty and a boat. I bet you have been a really really good Pippa!

~ChaChi LU

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Pippa, can you thank your Mama so much for her kind words on Jeannie's Cool Canine Blog, they rang so true to her and meant so much.

love and loyal licks, Marvin in Rainy Scotland

and very depressed cos Scotland has just lost to Italy in the footie!

Mucho love and licks, Marv xxxxx

love and light from Jeannie xxxxx

Randi said...

Hi again, Dear Pippa...I'm at camp & I miss you..they don't serve toast I don't think you'll come & rescue me...

Love & Licks,


Hi Pippa,
Nice letter to Santa. So you want a cat do you? What do the masters think about that one?
We also like those pics of you crossing your paws. You ready are a thoughtful pup.
Jazz and Dixie

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i hope santa will receive ur letter very soon n fulfill all ur wishes

Momo :) said...

Pippa, I think having a kitty is a good change. I've met many kitty friends recently and they are ALL great! :)

You're right! I don't think Jamie Oliver has ever created doggie dishes. I have to write to him.

Momo xoxo

Bella said...

I absolutely love your scratching your head picture - Inspired work !!

Ferndoggle said...

Hmmmm, good thing I'm not your girlfriend of the day, Pippa, because I HATE kitties. Wait, I take that back...I like kitties, for breakfast!

The rest of the list is pawfect. I hope you stop in Pixburgh to see me if you can make it to the States.


Ume said...

i hope your kitty wish comes true, Pippa!

fee said...

dear pippa, if santa comes by, could you please tell him i would like one of his elves for christmas?



Hi again Pippa,
We have given you an award. Come over and check it out.
Jazz and Dixie