Saturday, November 10, 2007

Paws crossed

My paws are crossed for Jackson while he waits for the results of his tests. And every other pup out there who is not too feeling good, or facing tests or surgery.

Now a bit of a confession because I am an honest Pippadog. That photo was staged. It is the very first one we have staged. Mistress crossed my paws for me. And then I immediately undid them, hehe, so she had to cross them again for me.

But the reason she did it, was because I really did have them crossed exactly like this, so she thought she would take a piccy. When she got the camera, naturally I uncrossed them. Anyway so it's not really really staged, more recreated.

It's quite rare though because normally I have them flipped inwards. Not like Randi who flips hers out.

And because Randi left me such a sweet message and asked me when I was going to dream about her, I am posting some photoshoot pix of me in dreamy pose. Randi is a very smart and kind dog as she opened up a temporary Randi Refugee Camp for dogs in the fire-affected areas of America - and became CEO. I am very impressed with that. And she has just lost weight too so soon she will be slim and svelte as well as beautiful and intelligent. Anyway, I love you regardless and am dreaming about you today Randi. Or I will when I have finished my toast - first things first.


Sending good vibes to all poorly dogs

Dozing off to dream about Randi

Still thinking about you Randi (and all my girlfriends and toasties)


Kerrio said...

Hey Pippa..... posing is ok... just once in while!

We ill hop over and see how Jackson is, there seem to be a lot of poorly dogs about *sigh*

Jackson said...

Hey Pips, thanks for crossing your paws for me. I'm feeling OK today apart from the baldness. My nether regions are all pink and bare, hardly a good look for the dashing dog about town.

J x

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Hello Pippa,

Thank you for waiting patiently for us to start blogging again. You are right that we might have worried our Mom a bit when we went on our adventure. Mom says we should stay home because there are better treats at home. It sounds like a bribe to us but a treat is a treat!

You are a good friend to Jackson. We hope everything works out okay for him.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Sophie Brador said...

Pippa, You are such a charmer, and so sensitive. You must have Randi swooning. I always cross my paws, just like in your recreated photo. Maybe if I tuck my paws, I'll get toast, like you do. I'm going to try tucking.


The Husky in the Window said...

I love hearing about your toasties. Our mom has to recreate some of our photos too. We don't always cooperate.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

ChaChi Lu said...

Oh, good idea! I will cross my paws too!

~ChaChi LU

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Maybe our mom is going crazy, or she needs to spend more time with us. oh, wait, if she turns her attention to us, she might make us do more that cross paws. She's been a little over zealous lately. Something about upcoming holidaze.

Pippadog, you are so very dreamy, I do not even mind when you dream of other grrls, cuz I like swooning over you.
XOXO Guinness

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa
We all have our paws crossed (literally) for our friends who have health problems!
Sure Randi is very kind! I understand why you dreams her!
Enjoy your weekend

Anonymous said...

You look so cute dreaming about Randi!


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh you look so darn cute!

love and loyal licks, Marvinxxxx

wally said...

I'll be crossing my paws for Jackson as well (though we won't bother staging it--with my stumpy legs it's quite a difficult task to actually cross them).

Randi is a dreamy one, eh?



Harry said...

Very good paw crossing, I'm sure it will send lots of good luck Jackson's way.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Johann The Dog said...

We have our paws crossed too! Woofs, Johann

Eddie N Peaches said...

Pippa, nothing wrong with re-enacting a scene. Dream on you hunk-a-roo!

Helios said...

oh, we do a lot of what my M calls, 'scene re-enachments' too!

Simba said...

posing is what us blogger do best, well some of the time and only for treats.

Simba xx

Momo :) said...

Pippa! I'll join you to cross our paws for Jackson!

Momo xoxo

The Army of Four said...

My brothers LOVE posing for the camera - but not me and Stormy. I don't like the camera at ALL. Maybe it's OK if we're outside. But I don't think it should come in the house.
PS: We don't chase cats or bark at them (actually, we don't bark ...) - we just stare at them. Zim wanted to stare at the one he saw, so he sat down. He said, "So what if we're in the middle of a walk?" Zimmie's funny!

Jake of Florida said...


In answer to your comment, no, no, no, we are not well-behaved around cats! As we noted in the post and previously - -- we don't live with them, we've never seen them, and we are posting their photos only in a gesture of family solidarity.

Jake and Just Harry

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hope everything goes well to our pals...

Goofy said...

add my crossed paws here....

Randi said...

Oh Dear Darling Pippa...I just wrote you a really pig bloggy note & then it said it wasn't working! How am I gonna let you know how special Pippa Dog is? I must blame my mom/secretary who was trying to leave my pee mail correctly on everyones bloggy last night & she started with the end of the alphabet..the Ws on my list (Wally) & only made it up to the T's (tasha & eva)...& then did skip around a bit to A's (asta) & N's (Nanook & Pooka)....Where can I send my "sorry" present of a brand new toaster & a 50 year supply of bread? Cuz Pippa Dog King needs to be treated like a piece of need to get him while he's hot!

Love & Licks,

ps..can I have some kisses now?

Randi said...

Dear Darling Pippa - I left you a love letter on my bloggy today...Please stop on by if you aren't too upset...

Love & Licks Always,

Frasier said...

Doggies do not mention girl doggies and toasties in the same breath !Nothing can replace food!

Gus said...

Toast or Randi, tough choice but Louie being young would go for the toast, SO much we need to teach this little guy, Pippa !!!

Gus and Louie

Asta said...

I am a fwiend of Randi's and Jacksons and came by to say hello to you! You seem like a vewy sweet bootiful doggie!
I'm in England wight now helping to nuwse my Jackson ,but when I get back, I'd like to link you if it's OK!
smoochie kisses

Ferndoggle said...

We've been crossing our paws for Jax too...we don't look quite as charming as you do Pippa.