Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weekends, new poll, and tagged

Mistress is upsetting my weekend routine. The weekend before she was too poorly to go back to Spain so we all spent a nice weekend together.

She wasn't much better this weekend but she decided to struggle back. But it was raining cats and dogs on Saturday so master told her to wait until Sunday. She packed her bag and off she went.

I thought she was going to stay with us all weekend again and I was quite worried when she started packing. I wondered if she was going for good. Us pups worry about things like that because we often get thrown out when people split up.

Master went for pizza on Sunday night so we could have our weekend treat together. I wasn't sure where he had gone so when I heard him coming back up the street I jumped up on my sofa to look out of the window for him, but he had pulled the curtains so I couldn't see.

Curtains pulled back so I can see nicely

In my excitement to pull the curtains back, I pulled them right down on the floor. I think master was a bit surprised when he walked in to see the curtains in a heap on the floor. He put them back. Just as well. Mistress would not have been pleased to see her carefully made curtains screwed up in a heap when she returned.

Master took the day off work on Monday 'cos he was poorly and mistress came back in the evening. We all discussed how disrupting it was when she changed her routine. She said she was disrupted too and promised to try and go back to the normal Go Saturday, Come Back Sunday routine.

A dog has to let people know when he is out of sorts, don't you think?

Mistress has changed the appearance of her blog. Personally I think it looks a bit tabloidy. She claims it looks clear and clean. What does she mean? My blog doesn't look dirty, does it? I like the colour because it matches some of my fur.

But I wonder if I should have a change? Mistress seems to think it's often good to change one's image and I notice a few of my pals have changed theirs since I started blogging. What do you think - should I change my blog? Fix my new poll mistress.

Now I have been tagged by Eddie at Eddie N Peaches N Bella's Dog House.

Here are the rules for Tag 7:
* Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog
* Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself
* Tag 7 random people at the end of your post & include links to their blogs
* Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1 I never do kisses. I will stick my nose in M&Ms faces, but there are NO kisses from Pippadog. But I love to do tickly toes.

2 I am an excellent timekeeper. Although I like to get master up before 6am, if he ignores me the first time, I make sure I walk in spot on 6am. Sometimes I let him have a lie-in at weekends. Not all the time though or he might get used to it.

3 And I am a great weather-forecaster too. I ALWAYS know when it is going to rain - and I tell master we need to go out before it rains. My pal River suggested I should get a job as a weather reporter, but I don't think I could manage doing that as well as DWB News Editor.

4 I go quite beserk in the morning for buttered toast. I run around and yelp if master is too slow to put it on, and as soon as he puts the bread in Pippa's Toaster, I go and lie down next to it and wait for the ticky noise to finish. Then I jump over the chair to twirl round next to master and share the toasties half and half.

5 I like horses and donkeys and goats and well, all stock animals really. I like to do rubby noses with the horses and donkeys at the big finca opposite my Spanish house.

6 I found master and mistress on the hillside outside our village in Spain. They had two other dogs with them and I tried to follow them home, but the goats got in the way when we got to the stream (they were coming up the river bed) so I panicked and ran back up the hillside.

7 Ethel was my first girlfriend.

And speaking of which, or who, she complained that I hadn't blogged about her recently. As you all know I am a peaceable dog and always do what my girlfriends tell me (I have learned this one from master), so because she has got owies at the moment, I am going to make an exception and dream about Ethel again today. Even though I have other girlfriends on my list that I have not dreamed about yet. But you are poorly, and you were my very first girlfriend, and I love you lots. Paws crossed you are better very soon.

Tickly toes with master


Sophie Brador said...

Pippa, I want to hear the rest of the story about finding your master and mistress on the hillside. When you ran back up the hill, what happened next?????

My blog is the same as your's at the moment. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but blogger doesn't seem to have many creative options and my mom doesn't know how to manipulate any of them.

I'm sorry your people are feeling poorly of late. I hope they get better.


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh your Bloggie looks fandabidozi, not tabloidydozi at all!

It is very clear for me, Marvin, to peruse!

Yes, I approve!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

Charlie said...

I think your blog look is very nice. But it might be even nicer with a picture of you eating toast at the top. Of course, it would require many many tries and pieces of toast to get just the right picture...


Hi Pippa,
Your blog is great and so are you. We noticed that you often talk of buttered toast and that it is good stuff. Well believe it or not we haven't had any yet. Mum and dad don't have a toaster and mum doesn't fancy the door step slices of sweet bread that they sell here! Are we missing out?
Hope everyone is better soon.
Jazz and Dixie

Freda said...

Hi Pippas,

Firstest, I hopes your peeps are feelin' betters. Seconds, those 1,2 1,2 sevens weird things about you are pretty neatos. You like your toaster and my friend, Tules, runs aways when she hears the toaster tickys. Weirds. And you can guess the weathers. Cooools! ∆≈ can't evens tell if the water is fallin' downs when he's walkin' in it. The BIG DUMMYS!

I like the looks of your blog but like your mum says, sometimes change is goods. Rights now your blog is the same colours as you, kinda. That's cooools. My secretary has threatened to change mine since Julys. He's such a BIG DUMMYS CHICKEN. I may bites him in the butts and bark him to just do it and lives with it.

What evers you do, we'll still be sniffin' arounds your place.

Routine is goods. Unroutine is bads.



Bama said...

Woo Pippadear,
We learned so much about you, but you don't give kisses? How do you tell your M&M you love them? We all love giving kisses, and I specially like to hold mama down & wash her whole face for her. She's so funny when she's laughing & at the same time whining "I can't breathe, get your tongue out of my nose!" You're really missing out, you should try it sometime. That's how I got my signoff....
Bama & the RHP

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pippa
I love your blog because I can see you there!
Thanks for sharing all those facts about you.
I don't care if you don't give kisses I am sending you a big one!
Have a good night

Randi said...

Dear Darling Pippadog-

You are SO TALL & DARK (& light) & HANDSOME in that first picture ! *Sigh* Oh, be still my beating heart....

I would love to see a pic of you jumping over chairs to get your toast...I would just love to see more pictures of dear Pippa doing anything....I just like to look at you.

So very nice of you to dream of Ethel again..I didn't know she was your first girlfriend....I wonder what number I am?

Love & Licks,

PS...just so you know, you are my first boyfriend...

Kerrio said...

Pippa you are a toast DIVA. Good move on the curtains.. you can work your way up to the oven slowly.

Simba said...

Thats a lot of information, I may need to read it all again.

Simba xx

Harry said...

I too would like to hear the rest of your finding master and mistress story, so come on, spill the beans!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

We are so happy your M&M's are feeling better. And that picture of you looking out the window is heavenly handsome. sigh. We'll send kisses your way - we have enough to spare in this house. We think there are even a few left over from Misty hanging around!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i think u must be a great timekeeper...even more accurate than an alarm clock

Ferndoggle said...

Pippa, I stand in the window looking for my people just like you do. And...I'm an excellent time keeper too. 5:45, I wiggle in Mom's face & snort on her to wake her up. And...Ethel was MY first girlfriend too.

So much we have in common.


Tasha & Eva said...

Mistress should make sure that you have an unobtructed view out the window at all times so her curtains do not get brought down! We loved the tag game. Eva doesn't give kisses very often, either. We would like to here the rest of the story on how you found Master and Mistress. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

The Army of Four said...

We want to hear the "rest of the story" about how you met your master and mistress, too!
Was it really raining cats and dogs? No wonder you were staring out the window. There must have been cats EVERYwhere! Hee hee hee!
Thank roo for my interview questions; I will answer them all in a day or two!
You and I should team up - I always know when it's going to SNOW! Mom trusts me over any of the bipeds. Even if they say we're going to get a BUNCH - if I say we're not going to get any, Mom believes me. I've never been wrong about snow!

Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

We trained our human to remove all curtains--we like unobstructed views. Then again, we don't have a nifty perch on a couch! But you are absolutely right, Pippa, we have to let our people know these things because they can be a little dense. Anyway, we like your blog: it's easy to see the pictures of handsome you!


Anonymous said...

LOL - I can't believe you pulled the curtains down Pippa- that is just too funny!!!!


Tasha & Eva said...

We're so sad because we think you don't love us anymore. Please forgive Tasha for being snarky. She's old and cranky.

Sad puppy dog eyes,

Tofu Burger said...

Pippa, your blog is fabulous! I too do not give kisses hehehheheh


The Army of Four said...

Hi Pippa! I answered each and every one of your questions! I hope I did a good job!

Peanut said...

I don't give kisses to mom or dad either. But I do kiss my human kids. I want to hear more about the story when you found M&M. How did you get to them if you ran away.
Oh hey we need your email to send you our dad's address for the card

Jackson said...

I don't do kisses either. Yuck! Why would we want to kiss stinky humans? I'm not sure whether you should change the look of your blog or not. I'm sort of indecisive. As long as there are plenty of photos of YOU, that's the main thing. Does Blogger do a toast-theme template? If not, maybe now's the time to suggest it to them. J x

Lacy said...

woofies Pippa, meeee luvs to kissie on mama when she gets outta the shower...she always tries to gets away from me....and me pulls da curtains down too...dey shouldnt try to block me view...

b safe,

Jake of Florida said...

Me too, Pippa, as you say "I never do kisses. I will stick my nose in faces, but there are NO kisses from Pippadog. But I love to do tickly toes." I lick Mom's toes until she shrieks!!!

Wow, I thought I was weird 'cause JH is kissy, kissy, kissy.

I don't jump into laps either. Do you?

We like the look of your blog. It's clean -- we don't know what mistress was thinking. Perhaps it's because she was feeling poorly. We hope she's better now.


Randi said...

Dear Pippa -

I miss you.

Love & Licks,

Eddie N Peaches said...

Okay, you have to tell us about tickly toes! We are going, like, "Huh?"
Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie, Peaches & Bella

The Husky in the Window said...

We like your blog just the way it is. You are a good watcher out of the window. I didn't know you had a widnow tooo.
Husky HUgs, MayaMarie

fee said...

aww, pippa. i don't know. i kind of like the existing look of your blog; the colour goes so well with your outfit and just feels so pippa and comfortable whenever it loads. but i know you might have better ideas in mind so yes, do go ahead and surprise us with a new 'do!


Natasha Fernz said...

Hey Pippa...

How are you? Your blog is great cause your Mistress puts so very many cute pictures of you...

And I know what you mean about getting upset with the routines! My Mommy has had to work away from the city recently and I don't like it one bit. This week she has to drive for about 200km before she reaches her client's office, just for a day... but next week she'll be gone all week! Boo...

Lucky and I don't like it when Mommy is away cause Daddy has no clue what we need. Daddy is only good for games and hugs and cuddles. Poor Mommy has to stick instructions all over the house for Daddy!


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

We like your blog. It reminds us of your lovely fur.

Roxie wants to know if you will write about her someday. We boys think she is silly and bossy. If you want her for a girlfriend, we will try to pack her up and send her to you. Oh, Mom says no.

Sammy & Andy
(Hiding from Roxie)
The Dachsies

Frasier said...

Hope mistress is doing okay!